The Runaway Girl

Nichole Smith was with Niall Horan before he got famous. he was a sweet boyfriend until one day,he became a little aggressive. he began beating her,and somehow,she ran away,but 3 years later,she still has the nightmares, and will never forget what happened. But Niall finds her wandering around and kidnaps her. Will she escape?


2. He's Back

"STOP NIALL PLEASE!" I screamed as my boyfriend Niall beat me. "WHY DID YOU TAKE ANOTHER ONE?!?!" "I WAS AFRAID THAT THE FIRST COULD'VE BEEN WRONG,NIALL,AND REMEMBER YESTERDAY?" I screamed. He hit me hard on the arm and I felt a sharp pain. I looked down to see blood coming up from a 3 inch scratch that was caused by his nail. "Oh my gosh,Nichole,hun,I'm sorry." he said calmly. "Go to Hell Niall Horan,you know you're not sorry!" I said. He shook his head in disappointment while biting his lip. That meant he was about to hit me! I shouldn't have sa- I felt a sharp pain on my cheek as the blood rose to the surface. "Go upstairs now!" he said. "FINE! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ANYWAY!" I yelled as I  ran upstairs. I slammed the door and slid down the wall. I hugged my knees to my chest and cried. I laid my head in my knees and let out a loud sob. He opened the door and came in. "I'm sorry" He said. "LEAVE ME ALONE NIALL!" I screamed. I felt him kick my calve. I screamed. He did it to hard. I looked up and he headed to me and raised his hand in the air,about to slap me,then it came dow-


I woke up screaming and crying. The nightmares,it wouldn't stop! I raised up and grabbed my notebook full of my secrets.

It came back,dear diary,the nightmares. It's only been 2 years,but I don't think I'll ever forget what happened........


I looked to what today's date was. June 15th? Oh no! It our anniversary! That means he could be back! I got on the laptop and looked up "One Direction" to see if they have anything about going anywhere. Nothing. I got on twitter and viewed Harry's Twitter and saw his newest tweet. "Being back in London,United Kingdom is funn:)". No. They're here,Niall's back!



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