Triangle Love

Some sort of love story you would not expect.


3. With Harry

After a few months, it was my 18th birthday. Harry brought me and our awesome friends to a club. We had so much fun. When it was time to go home, Harry followed me home. "Thanks Harry! I had a lot of fun today." I said before I went to sleep. Harry was sleeping beside me and he whispered " you're welcome.." 

The next morning, when I woke up Harry was not beside me anymore. I did my daily routine and wore my mustache shirt and a high-waisted pink shorts and a pair of boots. And I went down to have my breakfast before heading to school. 

" did you see Harry?" I asked. " he went to school early in the morning." My mum replied. After hearing that, I rushed to school immediately. 

"HARRY!!" I shouted.  When he looked back, he ran and hugged me real tight. My friends also came and literally hugged me. Cher told me that Zayn made Taylor pregnant yesterday and Perrie threatened to kill Taylor if Taylor don't abort the baby. And now Taylor and Perrie are in the rooftop now. 

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