Triangle Love

Some sort of love story you would not expect.


2. My best friend, Harry

So it was not long ago after I finally "stood up". All the credits to my awesome friend, Harry. Harry have always been in love with me but all along I was with Justin. After his death, I locked myself in my room almost everyday. During the depressed days, I was actually chatting with Harry. He would accompany me till very late. After I stood up, I don't really talk really much. I only chat with Harry in school. When it was class time, I looked out of the window wondering when will Justin visit me again.  One night, Harry invited me to the park. When I reached the park I saw Harry waiting nervously. " hey wassup?" I said. With that he rushed towards me and hugged me real tight. " I thought I couldn't see you anymore." He said. I asked him what's wrong and he said that he is going to move to another town tomorrow. Upon hearing, I hugged him real tight and connect my lips to his. " don't leave, you are my best friend, I mean I like you! I only realize today." I shouted. Harry eyes became bigger and a smile came on. "I was just kidding! HAHAHA. But it's awesome to know that you are actually fond of me" he said. I slapped his chest pretty hard. We both laughed pretty hard and officially we are couples I thought. He sent me home and smooch me tenderly. " bye!" I exclaimed before entering my house. He replied "bye sweety!" 

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