Triangle Love

Some sort of love story you would not expect.


1. My Awesome Companion

I was fooling around with my group of awesome friends which include Cher, Taylor, Harry and Zayn when my boyfriend shouted out my name. When I looked at him, he was holding a bouquet of roses. Then he presented it to me. I was so touched . Tears literally dropped out of my eyes. My girl-friends wow-ed when they saw it happening in front of their eyes. I received the bouquet of roses. I ran and hugged Justin really really hard. We started smooching each other infront of our friends and I was quite embarrassed but who cares? " happy 17th birthday sweetheart! I love you!" Justin said. I replied " thanks sweetheart." After school, while Justin is sending me home, he asked me this : sweetheart, do you wanna hang out later like probably 8pm?" "Sure!" I replied.

8pm finally reached. I walked to the park briskly wondering what Justin would do to me. I was wearing my "GEEK" shirt with a high-waisted shorts and a black high cut converse and a geeky specs. "JUSTIN!" I shouted when I saw Justin approaching. He waved at me and walk towards me and smooch me tenderly. We strolled slowly to my house and to my room. Justin pushed me onto the bed. Smooching me like there's no tomorrow. He slowly pulled up my shirt and pulled down my shorts and I pulled up his shirt to see his awesome abs. Before he unhooked my bra, I told him I was underage. But he continued without saying anything. I just continued anyways. Suddenly my phone rang, " ring!!... ring!.. " it was Justin 's mum she sounded as if she was crying.She said " hello? Tiffany. Justin had an accident while heading to the park. And he couldn't make it. And you have to rush to the hospital as fast as possible."  I dropped my phone and looked at Justin that is in my room. "I'm sorry honey. I just came here to say goodbye and give you a final kiss." Justin said. I ran and hugged Justin real tight. And wore my shirt and rush to the hospital with the sprit of Justin. There his body was, full of dried blood and bruises. I cried really hard. I cried to sleep almost everyday until one night, Justin's spirit came to tell me everything is going to be okay. Upon hearing that, I decided to "stand up" and be a normal teenage girl again. I will always remember Justin. 

DISCLAIMER!! This is just a fan-fiction. Not to curse Justin at all! So please no negative comments. Thank you!!




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