Without You

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are two Cancer patients who happen to meet during Chemo. They fall in love with each other. Zayn being his sweet self gives Niall everything he has ever dreamed of. Niall is keeping secrets though... Will the secrets come out? Will Zayn be mad?


9. Text Message

-Niall's POV-

"Marry Me" Zayn says his eyes still watery and red. Did he really just ask me that? I can't marry him! I am supposed to die soon. we wouldn't even have time to be a married couple. I hate this! I feel a tear run down my cheek. Zayn looks at me with a sad expression.

"Forget about it, I shouldn't have said that. It just slipped out, I'm sorry" Zayn says pulling himself off of me. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him closer so our faces are inches apart. I lean down and kiss him passionately. He kisses me back are lips moving in sync. I will never get used to the feeling of his mouth on mine. we pull apart once we both need air.

"Zayn I love you, and I would love to marry you, but I need to tell you something first." I say suddenly feeling scared that he is going to leave me like Louis did when I told him about my cancer. Zayn bites his bottom lip and nods slightly. I let out a sigh and lean my forehead on his.

"You know a few days ago when we saw Louis and Harry at the hospital?" I say Zayn nods looking confused as to why I would bring that up. I bite my lip and look away from Zayn. He grabs my chin and kisses me.

"You can tell me anything. I love you no matter what" Zayn says I can feel his hot breath on my lips.

"Okay, well the doctor told me some news..." I say in a whisper. Zayn nods and he gets a scared look in his eyes. I squeeze him tightly and bury my face in his chest. I let out a sob then look back into Zayn's eyes. He wipes a tear from my face and I clear my throat.

"I have brain cancer too, I only have 4 months to live." I sob I can't fight the tears anymore, they just keep flowing out of me. I feel Zayn squeeze me.

"Shhh Ni, this is horrible news baby, why didn't you tell me sooner?" Zayn says soothingly. I feel him rubbing circles into my back. I lay with him and cry for a while. I haven't been aloud to cry about this news yet. I eventually cry myself out, and when I look out the window all I see is darkness. Zayn has been laying with me this whole time. I sniffle and look at him, he is watching me and when he notices me looking at him he smiles weakly. I lean over and kiss him lightly.

"I think I'm ready to tell you about what happened to me the night you found me pretty much dead.." Zayn says lacing his finger in between mine. I wince at the thought of that night, I don't like thinking about Zayn being dead.

-Zayn's POV-

I sit there staring at Niall for a few minutes waiting for some courage to come up. I finally sigh and shut my eyes. I can feel the tears forming right now. I really don't want to tell him about this. I let out a sigh and look into his blue orbs. I love him, everything about him. I close my eyes again worried about his reaction to what I'm going to say.

"The reason you found me the other night.. Almost dead.. Was because my leukemia is worsening. The doctors have no idea why it was so sudden. I have to go back and find out tomorrow at 12 in the afternoon." I say still keeping my eyes shut too scared to look at Niall. I feel his arms wrap around me tightly. I open my eyes to see his big blue eyes looking into mine. Tears are streaming down both our faces. I couldn't help but laugh at this situation. We're both lying in bed crying about not telling each other about our sicknesses. I feel like I should beat myself up because of not telling him. I bet it was killing him not knowing why I almost died.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you" I say once I stop the sobs. Niall squeezes me and smiles leaning his head into my shoulder. I feel his lips kissing my neck causing a shiver to run up my spine.

"It's alright I should have told you too" he says pulling me closer, if that's even possible. I pull Niall up so he is sitting on top of me. He straddles me and smirks.

"What's with the face?" I say laughing. He starts shaking his head and laughs with me. His laughing is causing him to grind into my crotch. I know its a bad time, but he is starting to turn me on. I feel my member getting hard. I blush and try to move Niall off of me so he doesn't feel it. But he stops laughing and pulls my face to look at his.

"You like that?" He says in a sexy voice grinding harder into me. I let out a low moan and pull him closer to me crashing our lips together.


We lay on the bed panting. I turn to see Niall staring up at the ceiling with a big grin on his face. The covers our over us, but only over our lower regions. His perfect body is showing. He has some small yellow bruises on his skin, but I don't say anything. I know that it's a side affect from the lung cancer. He turns and sees me watching him, I feel a blush creep over my face.

"My butt hurts now, thanks" Niall says laughing. I grin and give him a wink causing him to blush a dark shade of scarlet.

"Sorry babe, I tried to take it easy, but its hard when you're so sexy" I say in a husky voice. I notice he shivers and I feel my face drop.

"Are you cold babe?" I say worried. I don't want Niall getting sick now that he told me he has brain cancer. He shakes his head no but I pull up the covers anyways. He rolls his eyes and turns over and snuggles into my chest.

"You know it's 9 in the morning right babe?" I say realizing we stayed up all night. I yawn but I know I cant go to sleep. I have to go see the doctor this morning. I feel Niall sigh and nod turning into my chest I feel his lips against my chest. He kisses me up to my neck then to my jaw finally making it to my lips. I kiss him back are lips fitting perfectly and moving in sync. We pull apart needing air.

"We should get ready, I need to head to the hospital. You don't have to come with me if you would rather go site seeing" I say getting up and heading to the shower. Niall sits up and stretches, when his eyes open I notice them looking me over with a greedy look in them.

"Like what you see?" I joke turning around to give him a better look. Niall bites his lip and nods a blush falling over his perfect face. I laugh and walk into the shower.

-Niall's POV-

Zayn walked into the bathroom and he turned on the water. I let out a sigh and think about last night. I don't want to leave him, I don't want to die. I feel tears starting to form. I try to hold them back not wanting to cry anymore. I hear my phone ringing. I open my eyes and turn to grab my phone. The name on the phone says 'Louis Tomlinson' Why would he be calling me? I thought I made it clear I didn't want to talk to him anymore? I hit the ignore button not wanting to deal with this anymore. I close my eyes and try to relax. I lay in bed just thinking for what had to have been an hour. Zayn opens the bathroom door and I feel him sit on the end of the bed.

"You alright Ni?" Zayn asks rubbing my leg as he spoke. I let out a sigh and sit up to see him. His hair is dripping wet and he has a white towel wrapped around his waist. I'm not going to lie, he is hot when he is wet. I couldn't help but look at all his tattoos. They are perfect on his beautiful body. Each one has it's own meaning. I reach out and trace the Arabic symbols on his chest. He shivers under my touch, when I look up his face is inches from mine.

"You seem to have taken a liking to my tattoos babe" Zayn says with a smirk. I blush and nod. He laughs and starts to get up.

"Are you coming with me today?" He asks rummaging through his suit case for some clothes.

"Sure, but could we go to the coffee shop down the street? I sort of promised to meet Liam there this morning." I say watching as he drops his towel and pulls on some boxers. I blush when I realize he saw me staring at his butt again. I really need to control my eyes better.

"Sure, When did you and Liam start hanging out?" He asks with a puzzled look while he pulls on a white T-shirt and tan chinos. I shrug and start looking for something to wear. I settle on white skinny jeans and a blue polo. I grab my phone and walk into the kitchen where Zayn is looking at his phone with his eyes furrowed. He looks mad too, I wonder what happened?

"Babe? You alright?" I ask walking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his neck looking down at his phone. It's a text, I'd know that number anywhere.. Louis

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