Without You

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are two Cancer patients who happen to meet during Chemo. They fall in love with each other. Zayn being his sweet self gives Niall everything he has ever dreamed of. Niall is keeping secrets though... Will the secrets come out? Will Zayn be mad?


13. Sorry

[A/N Again sorry for the mix up. I feel really stupid right now :( ]

-Zayn's POV-

What the hell is going on? I guess this is just proving that I can't trust anyone anymore. Once I heard the Irish accent my heart sank deep into my stomach. I would know that voice anywhere, no matter what. I knew that Louis was taking this hard as well, because when I looked over at him to ask what we should do he had tears streaming down his face. We have to get into that room, and fast. We have to save Niall now. I felt something tearing through me and before I knew it I was throwing my body against the hardwood door of the hotel room. I felt a sharp pain run through my right shoulder but I ignored it and threw myself on the door again, hitting the door in the same spot. I guess Louis realized what I was trying to do, and joined in with my pounding on the door. We were both panting and groaning each time our shoulders hit the wood. We both didn't care that our shoulders hurt like a bitch. After we both hit the door for what felt like the hundredth time we heard a crack. We had broken the lock. Louis pushed the door open and ran in, I was right behind him following him closely. The room was trashed, it was obvious they had some sort of fight in this room. The lamp that was next to the bed was smashed on the ground the TV had holes in it. they looked like bullet holes. I gasped at the thought of someone using a gun around my Niall. Oh my god. The room wasn't very big only one room, so when we got in and saw no one was in there it was a shock. Louis went to the bed and picked up something. I tried to wrap my mind around how we had heard Niall, but he was nowhere to be found. How could he have left? We were at the only exit?

"FUCK!" Louis yells crumpling up a piece of paper and throwing it to the ground. I watched the small crumpled ball and noticed writing on it. I bent down and picked up the paper and folded it out so I could read it.

Hello Louis and Zayn, You seem to have found out where I was. I know you two are worried sick about poor Niall and Liam, but don't fear, I'm taking good care of them. They are in good hands, well as long as they don't fight me. If you want to find them alive, come to the Eiffel Tower at 9 PM tonight. Only you two, if I see any police or anyone else, the deals off and little Niall is dead. Same goes for Liam. Good luck.

P.S: Niall's great in bed Zayn I see why you love him so much!

I felt the tears forming in my eyes and I scrunched up the paper and threw it on the ground. Louis came over to me and wrapped his arms around me trying to comfort me.

"We will get them back Zayn, I promise" Louis says softly giving me a slight squeeze. I push him away and wipe away the tears. I don't need his sympathy, he was trying to take my Niall away before all of this shit happened. I don't want to even be around him, but I have no choice. He is the only way I can find Niall and get Niall back.

"Where's the tracker" I say numbly Louis turns and walks to a bag laying on the floor. He bends down and opens the bag to look through some of Liam's things. I walk around the room and notice a small tape recorder that's still playing. It kept saying "Help!" and it was Niall's small voice. My heart sank at the thought of whoever caused Niall to say help. I have to find him, I can't loose him. I could feel the tears forming as I listened to the voice. I pushed the stop button, I couldn't take listening to Niall like this any longer.

"I found it Zayn, It's locating right now" Louis voice rang from across the room. I jumped at the sudden noise but shook it off. I walked over to Louis quickly, he was holding a small device that resembled something of an iPhone. It made a small beeping noise every few seconds. It only took a couple more beeps before it started beeping rapidly. I wonder what that signals? Louis punched in some numbers and wrote something down on his arm. He put the tracker in his pocket and motioned for me to follow him. I obeyed and walked out of the room after him.

-Niall's POV-

It's so dark, I can hear someone breathing under me, but  we have to stay quiet or he will hurt us. The man who took me is our receptionist from the hotel. I always knew he was up to no good.  I tried to run after he helped me from my seizure, but all he did was hit me. Then he raped me. What did I do to deserve this? I feel the car that we are in come to a stop. I wait a few seconds listening to the crunch of someone walking in gravel. I hold my breath hoping he forgot about us in the trunk and would just leave me here to die. I would rather be dead than living with what I am dealing with now. But because I am the most unlucky person alive the trunk opens and I see some light peek through the bag over my head. I feel hands grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the trunk roughly throwing me down on the floor. I groan at the pain, the man kicks me when I make noise. I feel hit foot hit my ribs and I feel a crack. I yelp in pain and shrink away causing the man to kick me again this time in the face. I try to hold in my sobs of pain but its hard. I hear a body slam on the ground next to me and then the man has his arms around me pulling me along.

"Welcome to our new home boys" A rough gravely voice says to us. I feel his had over my face pulling off my blind fold. I let my eyes adjust to the new lighting. I look around me everything looks like it has been underwater for a year. All the furniture has mold growing all over it, the walls have mold growing down them as well. I can smell the sent of rotting food coming somewhere down the hall. The man who took us gave us a evil grin, I look over at the boy next to me and realize its Liam. I gasp, how could I not have known it was Liam!? The man walked out of the room and I heard the door open and close. His footsteps becoming distant.

"Liam!?" I gasp forcing Liam to look up from his shoes. His eyes grow huge and then look sad.

"Niall, I am so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I didn't know that Simon would do this. I'm so sorry!" Liam says looking back down at his shoes. What does he mean he's sorry? How did he have anything to do with the man, who I guess is named Simon, taking me away?

"Why are you apologizing?" I whisper suddenly scared of his answer. Liam shook his head back an forth and looked up to meet my eyes.

"I didn't know he was going to take you, he was my manager. He said he wanted to help you get a job, he said you had potential. I told him about you and Zayn and where you were staying. I had no idea what he was planning to do to you." Liam says crying. Tears running down his face. I could tell he sincerely didn't want any of this to happen. I tried to find a way to be mad at him, but I just couldn't. I pulled Liam into a hug and he cried into my shoulder. I heard the front door open and close again, then foot steps coming near. I released Liam and stepped back, Simon wouldn't like it if I was holding Liam like this.

"I hope you boys are enjoying yourselves. Liam I need you to come with me." Simon says waving his hand motioning Liam to follow him into the other room. Liam nodded and walked out of the room. I gulped, I hope he doesn't hurt Liam like he hurt me. I walked around looking around at everything. There were pictures on the wall of people I didn't recognize. None of Simon either, I guess this is just a random abandoned house Simon found. Great. I walked over to the moldy couch and decided on sitting down. I sat and instantly felt filthy. I bit my lip and started to think about Zayn, god I miss him. I bet he has no idea where I am, I'm doomed to be here with Simon forever. Or until Simon decides to kill me. Then I heard screaming. it was Liam, I could tell. He screamed out in pain and I wanted to run to him and help him, but I knew if  did I would be no help. Simon would just beat me until I was unconscious. Then the house went silent. I heard footsteps then Simon was in the doorway.

"Come here" He demanded I got up quickly and made my way through the door. We walked into a small room with a bed. I gulped. I looked next to the bed and saw Liam. He was laying flat on his face blood was everywhere. I gasped and jumped towards Liam without thinking.

"Get away from him!" Simon yelled I jumped back and sat on the bed. Simon grunted and stomped out of the door slamming it behind him. I heard a click for the lock and new I was going to be stuck in here all night. No food, again. I knelt down over Liam and tried to find a pulse. He didn't have one.

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