Without You

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are two Cancer patients who happen to meet during Chemo. They fall in love with each other. Zayn being his sweet self gives Niall everything he has ever dreamed of. Niall is keeping secrets though... Will the secrets come out? Will Zayn be mad?


14. Running

[A/N this is all fixed now. Sorry guys I wasn't paying attention when I uploaded. Ugh to much stuff on my mind. So here it is all fixed. Please don't stop reading promise this wont happen again! ]

-Zayn's POV-

We ran out of the hotel as quickly as we could. We had plenty of time before we had to be at the Eiffel Tower, But we both had a silent agreement that we would feel better being there as early as possible. I think we both had a slight hope they would be there early waiting for us already. We ran down to our car and jumped in quickly, ignoring the stares from pedestrians walking by. I watched as Louis jammed the key into the ignition and we were off driving down the street like a bat out of hell. He didn't say anything he just drove, like a mad man. I guess I had gotten used to his driving in the past few hours, because I no longer felt like I was going to die just being near him as he drove. We got to the Eiffel Tower in record time and Louis pulled the car into a parking spot close to the spot where Niall and I had our first date here. We looked at each other, both of our faces showed how worried and scared we are, not only for Niall and Liam, but for what the man wants.

"Did he say where he would be?" I ask breaking the silence. Louis bit his bottom lip and shook his head no. I took at deep breath and opened the car door.  We walked to a nearby café and ordered us to cups of tea. We sat there sipping on our tea not speaking. Louis looked scared and I could see him trying to hide it. He set his cup down and that's when I noticed a small tattoo on his wrist. I didn't know he was into tattoos? The tattoo was very simple, all it was, was quotation marks. I wonder what the meaning behind it is. He cleared his throat, I looked up and felt his eyes boring into me.

"What are you looking at?" He asked harshly. He set down his cup of tea and folded his arms over his chest. I sipped my tea and tried to play it off coolly.

"I was admiring your tattoo, I didn't know you were into that sort of thing." I say with a smirk, I crossed my fingers under the table hoping he couldn't see the scared little girl inside me. Shit... I just admitted I'm a scared little girl... forget I thought that.. Louis looked down at his wrist like he forgot he had the tattoo.

"Oh, I got it when Niall and I were still together. It was his idea. He wouldn't get one though." He says looking off into space like he was reliving the memory.

"Oh, that's cool. I have a few of my own." I say rolling up my sleeve to reveal my half sleeve with the word ZAP on it. Louis eyed my arm then looked at his. I stifled a laugh, he looked like he was comparing his to mine. Maybe he is jealous of my tattoos?

"What are we going to  do for the next hour or so?" I ask after Louis becomes quiet. I wait for him to answer and look out the window. I see our hotel receptionist sitting at a table across the street, he is eyeing me like he always does. What is he doing here? doesn't he have a job?

"Wait is that..." Louis asks looking out the same window I am, I follow his gaze to the blonde boy sitting next to the hotel receptionist, his hands in his lap looking around like he was lost and scared. It's Niall.

-Niall's POV-

So I've proved to myself I wouldn't make a very good doctor. I couldn't even find Liam's pulse and he had one. He woke up 20 minutes later after I sat on the bed crying. We sat in the room on the bed not speaking to scared that Simon would walk in on our conversation and hurt us for talking. We sat in the room for about an hour, just sitting in silence when we heard the lock on the door click. Both of our heads shot up at the sound of the lock and we eyed the door. Slowly the door opened and Simon was standing in the door way. Who else would it be?

"Get up" He says harshly waiting for us to make a move. Liam and I get up slowly and stumble to the door. Simon walks us to the living room and we stand by the couch. He walks up behind us and ties our hands, then places a bag over our heads.

"Alright were leaving now" Simon growls. I feel his tight grip on my arm and he is pulling me out the door. I don't fight anymore, I've learned that it does nothing but get me more pain and suffering. I feel my feet hit the gravel and I know we are outside making our way out to the car. I still have no idea where we are. The crunch of the gravel stops once Simon throws us to the ground. I muffle a pained noise and wait for him to throw us in the car. I was shocked when he set me in the passengers seat. I heard his door close and the engine start, I couldn't help but wonder where Liam was. The car started moving but I just sat there quietly, after 10 minutes or so I felt a hand over my face pulling off the bag. Simon had taken the bag off of me.

"It cant look like I am kidnapping you" He says keeping his eyes on the road. I felt a pain in my lungs, I haven't been getting my medicine in to long. I felt my chest tightening, It was the beginning of an asthma attack. I breathed slowly hoping the pain with every breath would go away, it didn't. I soon got used to the pain of my breathing and it felt like nothing. We were driving back into Paris I could see the Eiffel Tower ahead of us. All the memories of Zayn and I there came rushing back to me. I felt tears brimming my eyes, I blinked them away not wanting to cry in front of Simon.

"Stay quiet, I need to make a quick stop" Simon barks at me I nod and keep my eyes forward not moving. Simon pulls into a small shop that sold alcohol and cigarettes. He stopped the car and got out slamming the door behind him. I watched as he walked into the building, once he was completely inside I turned in my seat to find Liam wasn't back there. Where was Liam? I felt myself getting worried about Liam and his safety, great now I'm going to be laying in bed at night worrying about him. I turned back around and looked around me, Simon still wasn't back, I could get out and run but then I wouldn't know where to go. Also the pain in my chest is starting to feel worse so I don't think I would get very far without collapsing and dying of an asthma attack. I wouldn't have made it very far, because not soon after that thought crossed my mind Simon walked out with a brown paper bag.

"Good job." He said with a smug smile as he got into the truck. I gave him a tight smile and looked back to the road. He turned the key in the ignition and we were driving towards the Eiffel Tower. Why are we going back here? I thought he was kidnapping me?

"Why are we going here?" I blurt out without thinking about what I was doing. I heard him chuckle silently.

"Well, if your boyfriend wants you back, then he will give me what I want." He says pulling over once we were across from a coffee shop. We got out and walked to a table directly across from the coffee shop. We sat down and waited for what felt like forever. I don't know what we're waiting for, or what Simon wants from Zayn, but I don't want him to hurt Zayn. I'd rather be kidnapped forever than see Zayn get hurt by Simon. We sat at the table waiting for what felt like hours, but couldn’t be more than a few minutes. Simon had a smug smile on his face when I heard a jingle of a bell coming from the coffee shop, I guess someone walked out of it. I didn’t look up from my shoes because I didn’t want to draw attention to us, I was scared Simon would hit me if I did. Then I heard the sweetest voice I have ever heard. It sounded like a harmony of sound put together, it made me think I had some form of hope left in my fucked up life.

“Ni-Niall…?” Zayn’s perfect rough voice sang. I looked up and he was standing in front of me with tears brimming his eyes. I sat there numb, I didn’t know if I should jump into his arms or sit there because Simon is a bomb. He could go off at any second for anything. He gets mad at the most random things too.

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