Without You

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are two Cancer patients who happen to meet during Chemo. They fall in love with each other. Zayn being his sweet self gives Niall everything he has ever dreamed of. Niall is keeping secrets though... Will the secrets come out? Will Zayn be mad?


5. Love

-Niall's POV-

"Niall, I love you" Zayn says staring me straight in the eyes. He caught me so off guard, I just stood there like an idiot staring back at him. It was all to perfect, Us being here at the Eiffel Tower, him telling me he loves me. I know I love him too, but i have no idea why i hesitated this long to respond.

"I-I love you too" i stutter feeling a tear fall from my eyes. Zayn takes his thumb and wipes it away before bringing his lips crashing down on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and feel myself jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me over to the wall and pins me there, never breaking the kiss. His lips are perfect, they feel so smooth and rough at the same time. It's so hard to describe. I feel him taking off my jacket and unbuttoning my shirt, throwing it off of me. I kiss him harder, deepening the kiss. He runs his tongue on my bottom lip, i let him in with no hesitation. I decide to just let him be in control like earlier. I liked it a lot. his hands move down to my pants and unbutton them, but then he stops.

"Should I stop?" He breathes when he finally separates our lips. He eyes my undone pants, begging for me to say no.

"No" I say pulling his face back to mine.


Yes, I Niall Horan had amazing, hot, sex with Zayn Malik on the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. I have no idea why we didn't get caught, but who knows. I lay there breathing heavily on top of Zayn I could hear his heart beat under my ear.

"We should probably get dressed, just in case someone heard you screaming my name" He jokes causing me to blush brightly. I slide off of him and try to find all my clothes. I feel his eyes on my butt.

"I know you're checking out my arse" I say turning to find Zayn still staring at me but his eyes were higher than my butt. He gets up and walks up to my back, might I add he's still naked.

"Niall what happened to your back?" He asks very seriously.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused turning around and trying to see my back, then realizing its impossible. Before he even tells me I remember what it is. I try to come up with a good cover, but can't think of one. Maybe I should just tell him my doctor only gave me 4 more months to live. I try to hold back the tears at the thought and end up gulping at the air. Luckily Zayn didn't realize it.

"You have giant purple and brown bruises on your back" He says running his hand along my back, I wince at something painful he touches. I slide on my shirt and button it up

"It's nothing, must have bumped into something" I lie. They are because I'm getting worse. I just don't have the heart to tell Zayn. I hear him sigh and he starts getting dressed. Once we are completely dressed we leave and go down the stairs. I feel like people are staring at us, but I must be imagining it.


-Zayn's POV-

I wake up in the morning to the sound of someone puking. I open my eyes and notice Niall's not lying next to me. I jump up and run to the large bathroom m and find him hunched over the toilet. I bend down and start rubbing his back.

"Zayn, go away I don't want you to see me like this." He mutters looking even paler than usual. His eyes have darker circles under them. I know he's keeping something from me.

"Babe, I only want to help you. Trust me I've seen much worse than this." I say still rubbing his back. He was about to protest but had to turn quickly and puke up more.

"I think that I just had to much to drink last night" He lies, this boy is a very bad liar. I sigh and run into the kitchen to grab a glass of water for him. I run by our calendar and notice we have a Chemo appointment today at 11. I look at the clock. It's 10:45. SHIT! We're going to be late!!

"Niall! We have Chemo today at 11 and it's already 10:45" I say in a rush. Niall jumps up then falls back down looking slightly dizzy.

"Are you alri-"

"I'm fine, lets go" Niall says sounding slightly pissed off. I give him a puzzled look but follow him out of the bathroom. We head down stairs and I call a taxi to take us to the hospital down the street. We get there a few minutes late, but they don't seem all that upset about it. We get escorted to a room and wait for a nurse. They come fairly quickly. They have us hooked up and ready to go pretty fast. Niall ends up falling asleep and I watch him as he snores lightly. He is so adorable when he sleeps, I wonder what he dreams about? Is that a weird thought? Oh god I'm such a creepy boyfriend! Bad Zayn! I sigh and try to think of other things, But I can't help thinking that something bad is going to happen to my Niall. I sigh again and try to push the thoughts out of my mind. When the nurse finally comes back in our room to unhook us she asks me to leave

"Yea, I'll be in the waiting room Ni" I say looking from Niall to the nurse with a worried look. Then I step outside. When I get to the waiting room I see two people I know. I see Harry and Louis. WAIT WHAT? Why are they here?

"Harry?" I ask, he looks up at me with a sad smile and when I speak Louis looks up too. They were obviously having a conversation.

"Um... Hi Zayn" Harry says sounding as if its a normal thing for me to see him here. At a French hospital, with Louis, my boyfriends ex. What the hell is going on here?

-Niall's POV-

" Mr. Horan?" The nurse says in a very thick French accent. I smile and nod weakly, I have some sort of idea as to what she's going to say.

"Hi, so we have some bad news. The tumor that your doctors found about a month ago has metastasized. It has moved to the brain." Her words felt like swords being flung at me, they hit me hard and cold, like when someone puts ice down your shirt. I froze and felt the tears rolling down my chin.

"I'm sorry Mr. Horan." She says and leaves me to cry. I just sit there for who knows how long letting the tears roll down my cheeks. I can't believe it, I now have brain cancer too. Why is it right when I finally find someone I love I get fucking brain cancer? I suddenly get mad and just walk out of the room completely pissed off. Zayn in standing there talking to Louis. Wait what?! Why is Louis here?

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