Without You

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are two Cancer patients who happen to meet during Chemo. They fall in love with each other. Zayn being his sweet self gives Niall everything he has ever dreamed of. Niall is keeping secrets though... Will the secrets come out? Will Zayn be mad?


2. Dates

-Niall's POV-

We arrive at Nandos on time for our reservations. Zayn is being such a gentleman he pulled out my chair for me and I tried to hide my blush, but I couldn't. I picked up my menu and pretended as if I didn't know what to order, even though I could name off every dish on the menu in order. I think I come here a little to much..

"So what are you going to order?" Zayn asks I look up from my menu and hear an all to familiar British accent. I look beyond Zayn and see a boy wearing a beanie and a blue striped shirt with tan chinos. It's Louis Tomlinson. My ex boyfriend. I had given him 3 years of my life, when I was diagnosed with lung cancer he just got up and left me. It was about 10 months ago that we broke up. I was a mess, I wouldn't leave my house except for my doctors appointments. I ended up more heart broken than I had even realized. So naturally when I saw him for the first time in 10 months I froze and panicked.

"Niall are you alright?" Zayn asks searching my face looking for an answer.

"Uh, yeah. I think I'm getting some chicken." I say trying to ignore Louis, it's hard to ignore him. He is very loud and obnoxious. The rest of the date was awkward. We talked about anything and everything, but the whole time I wouldn't stop staring at Louis.

"If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go?" Zayn asks smiling and picking at his napkin. I hate when people ask me this, because I know the answer. I know exactly where I would go, I would go to Paris. I have dreamt of visiting there since I was a kid. My neighbor Richard, he was my neighbor when I was about 13, he was from there. He told me stories of his family and life there. Ever since then I have made it m goal to go there. I don't know why I want to go there, its not like its a bad place, but I hate when people ask why I want to go there. I hate telling them the story of Richard. Zayn looked at me with his deep chocolate brown eyes and his perfectly styled quiff. I honestly love the way he looks, he has this rugged look about him. I like that, he seems dangerous but when I speak to him, he's the sweetest thing I've ever met.

"I'd go to Paris" I squeak out, just then a booming voice yells across the table to me.

"You're still going on about Paris Nialler?" Louis voice booms, i hadn't noticed him walk up behind Zayn. He stood there with a smirk on his face, I clenched my fists under the table. I seriously hated this boy right now.

"Um, who are you?" Zayn asked staring up at Louis.

"I'm Louis, Niall's ex boyfriend. I couldn't help but noticed you two were on a date, I wanted to come check up on Niall and see if he's alright." Louis said flashing me an evil smile. I felt myself start to tremble. Zayn looked back at me with an even more confused look. I shake myself mentally and ready myself for Louis assholeness.

"Louis I'm kind of here on a date, could you please go away?" I ask in a polite tone. He scoffs and places a hand on Zayn's shoulder.

"Mate, If I were you I wouldn't waste your time with this Irish idiot. He's sentenced to die in a few years anyways." Louis says smirking back at me as he spoke.

"Excuse me, Louis is it? Yea, as a matter of fact I know all about Niall's issue, and I still like him. I would like him even if he didn't have this problem. He is perfect to me" Zayn says looking back at me with a soft smile. Louis chuckled and started walking away.

"Alright have fun with the dead beat Niall" Louis says as he walked away and left the restaurant. I felt hollowed. I kept repeating what Louis had said about me dying in a few years in my head. I know that what he said was true, maybe I shouldn't be looking for a relationship knowing that  I don't have long to live. I sigh at the thought. The rest of our dinner I was distant towards Zayn and I could tell he knew why. I drove him back home and walked him to his front door.

"Thank you Niall, I had a good time" Zayn says smiling. He's lying to me I know it. I smile back

"Me too. We should do this again sometime" I suggest then instantly think about what Louis said. I mentally sigh and look into Zayn's eyes.

"Sounds fun Niall." Zayn says, then he leans down and kisses me on the cheek. I feel my face blush at all my thoughts get jumbled around. I cant even mutter out a coherent sentence.

"Uh.. Yea.. Bye.. Zayn" I manage to say even with my head spinning. He laughs and walks back into his house. I turn and get into my car. I speed off down his driveway and get to the first red light on his street. I feel my stomach doing flip flops and then my throat feels tight. I open my door and barf u all my dinner. Shit where did that come from?

-Zayn's POV-

I wake up from a dream about Niall. Last nights date was fun, I didn't lie to him about how I felt on the date. I hope he realizes that. I get up slowly and walk into the kitchen to find Harry sitting on a barstool sipping tea and eating toast.

"What are you doing here?" I ask sleepily, I'm used to him randomly showing up so I'm not all that worried about it. He turns and sets down his tea.

"I haven't heard about your date last night. You never called me back." He say starting to smile at me. I blushed and went to get some tea for myself.

"Sorry Haz, I meant to call you but it was late. And weren't you on a date with Savannah?" I ask remembering his plans.

"Yea, but we were just hanging out at my place, as long as you didn't call between 9 and midnight it wouldn't have bothered me, if you know what I mean." He says winking at me. Oh Harry, I really don't need to know about your sex life.

"Shut up Harry, So we just went on a nice date, and he drove me home" I say knowing that Harry wanted details. I really didn't want to tell him about Niall, I don't know why. I felt that if I told Harry about my Niall then everything would get messed up. Woah Wait? Zayn he's not YOUR Niall. He's just Niall.  I shake my head and go to sit on the couch. Harry follows me and sits in the big arm chair across from me looking at me eagerly.

"What?" I ask while I sip my tea.

"DETAILS ZAYN!" He screams nearly causing me to spill my tea.

"You know Harry I have to go to my chemo appointment today, I really need some time alone to get ready." I say getting up and heading back to my room. I hear Harry sigh but he gets up and leaves. I get into my room and my phone vibrates. I look and its a text from Niall.

Niall: Hey! I have Chemo today.. Do you? xo

Zayn: Hey! yep. In 20 min. Why? xxo

Niall: Oh, me too! Can I give you a ride? :) xoxo

Zayn: Sounds like a date :) xxo

I throw my phone on the bed and go to get some normal clothes on. I settle with a short sleeve green t-shirt and tan chinos. I hurry into the bathroom and style my hair into my usual quiff. I hear the door bell ring and butterflies erupt in my stomach. I rush over to the door and pull it open. Niall is standing there smiling his big smile that I love.

"Hey" He says looking sexy

"Hey!" I say excitedly. I grab my phone and pull the door closed behind me. Niall and I get into the car and we dive to the hospital together.

-Niall's POV-

(1 Month later)

We walk into the hospital hand in hand, and Julia greets us with her warm hellos. We walk back to our usual room, room 13. Our nurses come in and hook us up to our machines and we sit in the room like we always do. Zayn and I have scheduled our Chemo appointments to be the same day now, I give him rides then he gives me rides. I can't even remember the last time I went to Chemo on my own.

"What are you doing tonight?" Zayn asks me pulling me out of my thoughts. I turn to him and think about my plans. I couldn't think of any.

"Nothing, why?" I ask hoping he wants to hangout. I have spent the night at his house 4 times this week, and its only Thursday.

"I have a surprise for you if you want t come over" He says smiling a mysterious smile. I laugh at his smile then turn away and look at the tube in my arm. It hurts today, I don't know why. I've had to use my inhaler every night this week. I told my doctor, he says its a bad sign. I'm trying to ignore it but I don't think its working. I sigh and look back over to Zayn.

"I'll be there" I say and he turns back to the book he's reading. Maybe I'm just catching a cold, that's why I have to use my inhaler. I push all the thoughts in the back of my mind and close my eyes and listen to Zayn's breathing. It's actually quite soothing. When I wake up a nurse is taking the tubes out of my arm and Zayn is gone.

"Miss where did my friend go?" I ask trying to hide my worry.

"Oh, he told me to tell you to meet him at his house at 7." She smiles at me and leaves the room. I sigh and pack my things and go out to my car. I look at my watch, it's 6:45. I debate whether or not I should go home or jut go straight to Zayn's. I decide to just go straight there since my house is the opposite way. I pull up into his long driveway and notice Zayn in the window facing the other way. He looks like he's talking to someone. I turn off my car and slowly make my way up to his door. I knock once and a curly haired boy answers the door. He looks sullen. His green eyes are surrounded by dark purple circles under them, like he hasn't gotten much sleep.

"Hi, Is Zayn here?" I ask nervously the boy nods and walks back into the room in which I'm assuming he came from. I followed him into the room and found Zayn pacing back and fourth. He looked up and saw me and smiled.

"Harry can we continue this later?" He asks the boy whose name is apparently Harry. Harry nods and walks out the front door without a word.

"What was th-"

"Nothing" Zayn says flatly then walking out of the room into his room. I follow him and he turns around with an envelope in his hand. I look at him questioningly.

"Zayn what's going on?" I ask actually getting slightly worried. He laughs and hands me the envelope. I open it slowly and it's a pair of plane tickets. I read it and its to and from Paris France. I look up at Zayn who is smiling a huge smile.

"I remember our first date, when I asked you where you would like to go. You told me Paris, I thought I could give you some tickets, and you could take a friend and go have fun." He says still smiling down at me.

"I can't take this Zayn, this is to much!" I protest but he shakes his head back and fourth

"Niall, I want you to be happy. And I know how much you love Paris, go for me?" He pleads I cant say no to this boy. I nod my head yes and his smile gets bigger.

"On one condition" I say smiling.

"Whats that?"

"You come with me" I say and Zayn nods and pulls me into a huge hug.

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