Without You

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are two Cancer patients who happen to meet during Chemo. They fall in love with each other. Zayn being his sweet self gives Niall everything he has ever dreamed of. Niall is keeping secrets though... Will the secrets come out? Will Zayn be mad?


12. Awkward...

[A/N somewhere along the way I messed up... I posted the wrong chapters. This is correct now. Here you go :/ please don't hate me...]

-Louis POV-

Yes, I know I had left Paris not to long ago, but I had this feeling I would be needed. I'm glad I made that rash decision to come back, not much later than an hour after I got off the plan I received the text from Zayn telling me Niall was having a seizure. I had hurried out of the small coffee shop I had found my way to and jumped in my rental car. I know what you're thinking, Why on earth would I get a corvette? Well, I just thought what the hell? I'm in Paris! why not? Once I got to Zayn I had to know one thing, was Niall wearing my bracelet. I gave him the bracelet for his 17th birthday, it was right after I had lost him at the fair. I know its kind of a crazy thing to do, but I put a tracker in his bracelet. In my defense I have never had to use it. Niall got better at staying within sight so he hadn't got lost after that. After I broke up with Niall I gave the tracker to my good friend Liam Payne. I hadn't talked to him in a long time so when I randomly called him after such a long time without speaking he was slightly shocked.

"Louis?" Liam asks sounding half asleep and confused.

"Yes, I need you to look up the device I thought I would never need to use again." I mutter into the phone. I can hear Liam sigh on the other end but I hear feet shuffling.

"you do realize I'm in Paris, you're very lucky I take it with me everywhere." He says sounding sarcastic. I roll my eyes even though I know he cant see it. I can feel Zayn's eyes boring into me. I try to block it out and focus on driving. I swerve around an old lady crossing the street and try to figure out where to go.

"What hotel are you at? I'm here too." I say finally looking over at Zayn who has the most confused look on his face that I've ever seen. I stifle a laugh at his expression and focus my attention back on the road.

"la cuillère" He says I can still hear him shuffling around. I sigh and turn the car around in almost a complete circle causing Zayn to freak out and grab the side of his door in a death grip. I push on the gas and head to Liam's hotel.

"Be there in 5" I say and hang up. I run three yellow lights getting plenty of fingers pointed at me, I honestly could give less than a fuck but the look on Zayn's face forces me to slow down a little. We get to Liam's hotel fast and go to the lobby and ask for Liam Payne.

"Liam Payne" I say I feel Zayn stiffen next to me at the name. I rack my brain for why Liam's name shocked him that much.

"I'm sorry I can't give you this information. He is on the private list." The French woman says in her thick accent. I slam my hands on the front desk causing her to flinch and Zayn to do the same. I let out a long breath of air trying to calm myself, I don't need to do something rash and ruin everything. I need to find Niall and fast.

"Madam Liam is a close friend. If you could just call his room and tell him I'm here, I'm more than certain he will allow us to know is room number." I say as politely as I can. The woman just nods and turns to her computer to find his room number. I turn to face Zayn my back to him.

"How do you know Liam?" He asks skeptically. I should be asking him the same thing.

"We have been mates since we were born. How do you know him?" I ask trying to keep an ear out for the woman calling Liam.

"We met on the plane, Niall's a huge fan of his." Zayn says still giving me a puzzled look. Then I remembered, Liam is famous now, he won the X-Factor. No wonder he is here in Paris with us. No wonder he is listed as private in this hotel.

"He is in room 117 level 2" the receptionist says smiling as she goes back to whatever she was doing before I interrupted her.

"Thanks" I yell grabbing Zayns wrist and pulling him to the elevator. We run into the elevator as fast as we can and I push the button for level 2. The doors close at what seems like the slowest thing in the universe and I start tapping my foot impatiently.

"Why do we need Liam? What the hell is going on Louis." Zayn says suddenly sounding mad. I turn to see he is glaring at me.

"I may have put a tracker in his bracelet because I was scared I would loose him..." I say suddenly finding my shoes the most interesting thing In the world. I hear Zayn chuckle and I turn my head to look at him. He is smiling at laughing. God this guy is more bipolar than I am, I admit to being bipolar some times, but god damn..

"I've had my moments where I wanted to do that as well, he can get lost easily" Zayn says laughing. I let out a weary laugh and the elevator stops opening it's doors. I turn to the left and see the numbers going the wrong way so I make my way to the right. I hear Zayns feel behind me. I watch as the room numbers get larger and stop when I reach 117. I knock on the door and wait for Liam. No one answers. I pound on the door again and we hear crying. I turn to look over at Zayn who just shrugs. Then we hear it.

"Help!" A thick Irish accent screams. Then everything is black.

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