Hope and Bravery

Louis is lost after the tragic death of a fellow band mate and tries to keep a hold of himself. He holds strong to Hope and Bravery and keeps fighting, no matter how hard it is.


1. Seeing You For The First Time

Louis' P.O.V
"I can't Liam!" I yelled, tears in my eyes. "But Louis, you have too. Just this once, I promise." Liam said, trying to calm me down. "Okay." I said sniffling. "Just this once." I said, standing up. I walked on stage wiping my tears away. The music started and Liam sang. "People say we shouldn’t be together. We're too young to know about forever. But I say they don’t know what they talk talk talkin’ about." After he sang the last words, I ran off stage and out the door. I was running, letting the rain drench me. I stopped trying to catch my breath. I looked up to be greeted with your warm and beautiful smile. "Hey Boo!" You said. I looked up with tears streaming down my face. "Why? Why did you have to leave?" I said. "I'm sorry Louis, I never wanted to hurt you." You said, looking down. "It's fine. I've missed you." "I have too Boo, but I have to go now." You said looking up. "Why?" I said tears in my eyes. "Look I'm sorry I have to go, but I will be back soon." you said. "But-" I was cut off before you disappeared. I fell to my knees crying my heart out. I heard a car pull up and turned to see Liam. "Are you okay?" He said. "Yeah." I said, shivering. He noticed me shivering and said, "Let's get home." I nodded. We walked to the car and drove off. The ride was nothing but silence. When we got to the flat, I jumped straight out of the car and ran inside. I got to my room, fell on my bed, and went to sleep, not wanting to wake up because I wasn't ready to go to your funeral. 
Sorry if it's short!! Hope you like it, if you want the second chapter, just comment below. I'm gonna be working on the second chapter and I will try to make it longer. :) 

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