Hope and Bravery

Louis is lost after the tragic death of a fellow band mate and tries to keep a hold of himself. He holds strong to Hope and Bravery and keeps fighting, no matter how hard it is.


2. His Funeral

Louis' P.O.V
I woke up to Liam shaking me, "Louis, you need to get ready." He said. "Okay, but Liam.." "Yes?" he said, with a curious face, "I saw him." "You couldn't have." He said. "But I did!" I said yelling. "No Louis! Harry's dead, so there for you couldn't have." He said yelling furiously. I flinched, this was the first time I was actually scared of Liam. "I'm sorry, just... go get ready." He said, walking away. I got up and got ready. When I was done, I went down stairs to see everyone waiting. We got into the car and drove off. We got there and saw Anne crying. I felt really bad for her, we all did. It was hard for her to realize that her baby boy was gone. When Harry's funeral started, I couldn't help but cry. When they were putting him down, I got one look of his beautiful face, realizing that.. that was the last time I would see my true love. I tried to hide back my tears from falling, but simply failed. I felt a pair of arms around me, I looked up to see Anne. I hugged her back as of saying 'I'm sorry, we'll all miss him.' We were just hugging each other and crying hard. We finally pulled a part and I saw her red and puffy eyes. "I'm really sorry Louis. He really did love you and I think he wants you to be happy. So try to be happy? For him? He would love it." Anne said, looking into my eyes. Tears started to stream down my face and I said, "Yeah, I loved him too. I'll try to be happy, but as far as I can see, I'm just gonna be depressed." She gave me a soft smile before leaving. I went back to the boy and they said, "Ready to go?" "Yeah." I said, taking one last look of the funeral. When we got to the flat, we all sat down on the couch, and looked at each other. "Well... without Harry, there's no One Direction." Zayn said, looking down at the ground. We all knew that by the end of the day, we wouldn't go on without him, and that One Direction was done. "It looks like this is the end boys." Liam said. We all nodded. There were tears in all of our eyes. We felt terrible for all of our fans. We sat there crying because there was no more One Direction, nor Harry. 
Hope you like this chapter! I tried to make it longer, but I'm just really busy. Sorry if I messed up on anything, I was trying to hurry. (: 

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