The Husband Games

Hi i'm Audrey I am apart of district 1, but the famous One Direction is in district 2. We do the husband games differently we select 5 from each district to participate. Only its not participation it's being forced, they start you off on a strict diet so your stomach is used to eating harsh and cruel food you aren't used to eating. And it gets worse from there on.


5. Tuesday

        I'm going to do it, today's the day that i'm gonna go kill zombies... or get killed by them whichever works.

"Mom!"  I yell

"Yes, sweetie?"

"I'm going to go hunt."

"Bring us back dinner."

    How was I supposed to bring back dinner if I'm hunting for zombies I can't bring back zombie organs and be like "Enjoy, your infected now i'm going to have to kill you." that's not how it works.  I grab my bag that has a sword in  it and that's about it.  Then I walk out the door I know where I'm going, I go into the woods and find the secret door that leads to the zombie infested outside world.  When I get there zombies see me straight away, am I sure I want to do this?  I open the door these are slow ones, walkers, I should be able to make it, I pull my sword out it smelled of sickness and not like I had imagined it to smell.

        I stabbed one in the head, wow better then I imagined,  I stabbed another one wow this is great!  Only, that didn't kill them...  I learned that later when I tried to go back and there was a huge mob of them following me "Killing time." I think to myself.  This is one of these times I wish I had Si's so I could stab two at a time.  I try to avoid the mob as much as possible by running around them, but... um.. did you know they can run too!?!?  running for my life I didn't even think about closing doors behind me, so I didn't.  Running for my life I run all the way into town and thought "what have I done?"

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