The Husband Games

Hi i'm Audrey I am apart of district 1, but the famous One Direction is in district 2. We do the husband games differently we select 5 from each district to participate. Only its not participation it's being forced, they start you off on a strict diet so your stomach is used to eating harsh and cruel food you aren't used to eating. And it gets worse from there on.


4. Monday


"GET UP GET UP!" Laurie yelled

My eyes open wide


"No." She replied

I gave her a look and she went off to the living room, we don't have the biggest house in the world my room is right in front  next to the living room, we have no doors because we used them for firewood in the winter, so I don't exactly have that much privacy anymore.  Anyway, Laurie's room connects to mine, and my mom's room connects to that, and the kitchen connects to the living room, then finally we have an outhouse for the bathroom, with no roof because once again we used that for firewood.  Sucks right??  Of course it does.  It wasn't always this way, we had the best coziest house ever then the apocalypse happened everything just kinda went downhill from there, the house fell a part people quit their jobs, and the worst memory of all my dad getting eaten by a zombie right before my eyes.     

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