The Husband Games

Hi i'm Audrey I am apart of district 1, but the famous One Direction is in district 2. We do the husband games differently we select 5 from each district to participate. Only its not participation it's being forced, they start you off on a strict diet so your stomach is used to eating harsh and cruel food you aren't used to eating. And it gets worse from there on.


1. Meeting me.

            Hi my name is Audrey, I live in England.  The zombie apocalypse had begun a few months back and since then nothing here has been the same.  The government put a glass dome over the whole country, splitting the city's up into 17 districts.  I am district 1, my idols, One Direction, are in district 2, my friend Tiffany lives in district 3, my other friend Alexis lives in district 4, and all the districts I don't know anyone.  We annually have a drawing, that drawing is made up from 5 tin buckets and millions of names from my district, whoever's name does get drawn they are put through strict training and are put in the games.  

          Here is how the games basically go down, after your training then they release you into an arena with zombies trained... trained to kill, kill us.  Now they aren't your everyday zombies that moan and slowly drag themselves, no sir, these ones run... FAST.  They chase you almost instantly after you get out of your cage, the cages are just metal bars with metal top and bottom that raise out of the ground.  After the cage doors open you run and get the supplies you think you need to kill others and zombies.  The number one rule?  DON'T GET KILLED, or at least try not to.  

          Here's what you do in the husband games.  The last 10 to be standing shall be crowned and married.  The winners must be at least 5 boys and 5 girls, and they can not, absolutely can not be from the same district.  If I get chose and if I win than I win!   But right now I spend my days watching t.v.  And now you've met me,  Audrey skyram. 

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