The Husband Games

Hi i'm Audrey I am apart of district 1, but the famous One Direction is in district 2. We do the husband games differently we select 5 from each district to participate. Only its not participation it's being forced, they start you off on a strict diet so your stomach is used to eating harsh and cruel food you aren't used to eating. And it gets worse from there on.


6. Later Tuesday


      Little kids were shrieking as the zombies flew by them struggling to get me.  Guards were straggling behind  the hoard of zombies. This is the biggest rush I've ever felt in a long time, I start to test my skills which was the worst idea i've ever had, I start to slow down, pulling out my sword I start trying to kill the zombies, then again, another bad choice.  First zombie, boom, dead second one I struggled with a little bit  and third one is one of the worst mistakes i've ever made in my life.  I stabbed the zombie in the head and got my sword stick its arms were going insane, I had to be careful not to get hit or scratched.  And then came my final mistake I wasn't careful.  the zombies nail hit me straight in the eye, apparently every one saw cause they were scattering like chickens with their heads chopped off.  What would happen to my eye?  Will I have to be thrown out of the town?  I don't know what will happen next Im kind of scared at this point so I pull the hardest I could on the sword an it comes flying out of the zombies head.  Out of fright I hold the sword away from my body and I start spinning like a maniac.  Luckily that works and I get zombie blood.. Everywhere. I looked up and mothers were covering their kids' eyes looking at me in confusion and some people looked at me like I was some maniac, but some people looked at me looked at me like I was some kind of hero.  Then there was the cops drenched in blood with their mouths hanging open.  Soon doctors arrive, my eye isn't going to be okay.

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