The Husband Games

Hi i'm Audrey I am apart of district 1, but the famous One Direction is in district 2. We do the husband games differently we select 5 from each district to participate. Only its not participation it's being forced, they start you off on a strict diet so your stomach is used to eating harsh and cruel food you aren't used to eating. And it gets worse from there on.


2. A typical day.

          My average day is running in the woods stabbing things, there is this other weird girl in there with a bow, I don't know her though.  Me stabbing this is like a hippie using drugs, it makes calms me down.  I stab anything from deer, mice, skunks, fish, and rats that girl is in district 12, her peoples rivers lead into ours and I guess she just sets traps and gets what I need, food, I would set traps IF I HAD SOME.  If you wonder why I say it like that is because, well, I spent all my weeks pay on um... One Direction posters.  My weeks pay is only 160, I work as a banana peeler for the rich.  It's not the best job in the world , but oh well.

         Sometimes I plot things, like how to get out and kill at least one zombie.  But I have no personal space my little sister, Laurie is always in my room saying "oooohhhhh, whats that."  and "Woah, your awesome."  Okay maybe I added that last one in.  She is really annoying sometimes, say one thing and she does the opposite, I just want to stab her in the face sometimes.  This year is her first year being able to compete in the husband games she is 15 and I am 17.  I know she sounds a bit young to be 15 but she only acts that way for attention.

        My friends in this district, well I don't have any friends here because I want to stab them all in the face.  I know I may sound violent, but that is just me so deal with it.  Tomorrow is the drawing to see who is going to be in the games.  And this year is the first year that Laurie and I will be both able to be in the games.

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