The Love Between Us...

Hello.My name is Jennifer. I am 16.I am telling you the story you would not expect. The story is all about Joel,Justin, Felix and me. You'll never know what's going to happen next. Later on there will be additional characters named Taylor,14 and Dylan,15.


3. Sorry...

  At the garden,Joel looked at me deep in the eyes. For some reason, I felt nervous when he looked at me like this. It's the first time he looked at me like this."Why am I feeling like this?" I thought. Suddenly, he hugged me then smooched me tenderly... I did not know what to do at that point of time but I know that I have to push him away because everyone is watching. When I mean everyone, I mean EVERYONE including Justin and Felix. They looked at us like as though they are shocked and disappointed. After what happened, Felix and Justin did not talk to me like they usually do anymore,except for Joel. But I felt guilty over what I did so I wanted to apologized. What should I do? Never did I thought a situation like this would happen. 

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