The Love Between Us...

Hello.My name is Jennifer. I am 16.I am telling you the story you would not expect. The story is all about Joel,Justin, Felix and me. You'll never know what's going to happen next. Later on there will be additional characters named Taylor,14 and Dylan,15.


1. Knowing Them

    I am the new girl in the prestigious high school in California. I am originally from Singapore. I came to California . My name is Jennifer. I am 15 this year.  I went to school at 7 as class would start at 7.30. I had been in this school for 2 days or so and I really liked it there. There is these two guys, Joel and Justin and they are brothers. They are so handsome!!! There is this other hunk which I stalk on Facebook.His name is Felix Kjellberg. Also known as the famous Pewdiepie. I love these people... But it's so hard to choose one between these 3 handsome people. Most important of all, they are all in the same class as me. I sat in seat next to the back door so I could do almost anything I want without anyone noticing.But, what's best sitting there is I could see Joel's and Justin's back view. Felix was sitting beside me. I felt so happy... Felix was sitting beside me . Just then Felix started talking to me.OMG!!! I stuttered as I replied him. He just smiled at me. I just awkwardly smiled back at him. Ahhh, that smile. After listening to the conversation between Felix and I, Joel and Justin joined in. We had a really great time talking. Even during break time we were talking non-stop. Soon, we became really good friends...


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