The Love Between Us...

Hello.My name is Jennifer. I am 16.I am telling you the story you would not expect. The story is all about Joel,Justin, Felix and me. You'll never know what's going to happen next. Later on there will be additional characters named Taylor,14 and Dylan,15.


2. Happy Birthday!

   Being good friends with 3 cute and handsome guys to a girl means popularity. But for me, that's not true... People always say that I can be good friends with them because I seduced them.. WHAT?! That's not true... Nonetheless,they will still encourage me to be stronger and comfort me saying that its not true. 


  After school, I went home. I showered. Then, I did my homework. "I am free finally!!!" I thought to myself. I lied on my soft and fluffy bed and I suddenly remembered that tomorrow will be Joel's birthday..."What should I buy him?" I thought to myself.  I thought for a little while then I decided to go shopping for his present.I went to the biggest mall in town to 'hunt' for Joel's gift.Since Joel likes the color purple, I decided to buy him a bouquet of purple flowers. It does not only smells great, it looks really purple and awesome too! I also got a cute card that I will be writing down my wishes and regards for his birthday. Flowers and a cards... To me, it's a perfect combination. 

  The day is finally here,it's Joel's birthday.He came to me with a lot of gifts all over his arms. He smiled happily at me and said 'hi' to me. I greeted him and smiled at him too. Then I took out the lovely purple flowers with the card and handed them to Joel.Upon seeing the flowers and the cards, he smiled and hugged me. It was so awkward then with so many people looking at us. He then put all of the things into his locker, which is next to mine, and dragged me to the garden. 

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