The Love Between Us...

Hello.My name is Jennifer. I am 16.I am telling you the story you would not expect. The story is all about Joel,Justin, Felix and me. You'll never know what's going to happen next. Later on there will be additional characters named Taylor,14 and Dylan,15.


4. Forgiven ?

  Justin and Felix has been cold to me for a week already. I cannot stand it anymore.

  The next day, I stood beside Felix's and Justin's locker which was next to each other's. They arrived at their own respective lockers and grabbed their stuff. What's most disappointing is that they did not even take a look at me! When they are about to leave their lockers,I said "sorry."Both of them said that they wanted to talk to me during break time. 

  During lessons, I haven't been paying attention in class and was thinking about what they were going to say to me.

  "What are you thinking about sweetheart?" Joel asked.

  "I am not your sweetheart or whatsoever! So stop calling me your sweetheart!" I replied with a stern expression in my face. He probably wanted to continue calling me his sweetheart but he can't do anything about it after I told him that he can't. When Joel called me his 'sweetheart',Felix and Justin glanced at us with an angry expression hanging on their faces.

  Finally,after what seems like forever,it was break time.It's also time to meet Felix and Justin.

  Firstly,I met with Justin.

  "So will you forgive me if I said sorry?" I asked him.

  He said nothing but just smiled at me. 

  I was not  understanding why he did that so I just smiled back at him awkwardly.

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