The Love Between Us...

Hello.My name is Jennifer. I am 16.I am telling you the story you would not expect. The story is all about Joel,Justin, Felix and me. You'll never know what's going to happen next. Later on there will be additional characters named Taylor,14 and Dylan,15.


5. Author's Note!!!

Characters: Me(Jennifer)

                   Justin(Justin Bieber) 

                   Joel(Joel is Justin's brother. In real life, he is my crush) LOL

                    Felix( As in Felix Kjellberg or known as PEEEWWWWDIEPIE!!)

As a final, I just want to say that writing things like this is my hobby. I read a lot on this website and I liked it a lot. My cousin and I are doing it and I hope that you guys will like it<3 

I am thinking about a collaboration story with my cousin. Can you readers our people tell me what you think?? I will truly appreciate it. Thank you!!

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