Opposites Attract

Jasmine was the class nerd.Zayn was the class troublemaker. They got paired up to spend a week together and see what a married couple is. Will they kill each other or express real feelings?


3. Zayn's House

                School ended and I went to Zayn's house and quickly opened the door. It took forever to find his house because the stupid idiot didn't give me any directions.I I slammed into someone and quickly helped him up. He was really cute. We both said sorry at the same time and laughed. He was the perfect boy. He had blonde hair,amazing hair and a cute accent. Zayn yelled"you were suppose to come 2 hours ago so we could finish and never meet my friends." Harry"Don't be so harsh she looks so fragile." I said"Wow you guys are nice and Zayn you never even gave me directions how was I suppose to find your ugly  house." Louis yelled"Sassy!" Wow,these guys are so annoying! "Wait,is that Call of Duty Black Ops 2? Harry"yeah" "Cool can I play please? "Wow you like video games let her play lets see how good she is." said Liam We played for thirty minutes and creamed all of them in Multiplayer and Zombies. The boys were actually fun after a while. We played a little longer and some food and it was really fun. I can't believe these guys weren't actually jerks. I went up to my room and put everything were it was suppose to be. I started to chenge and Louis barged in. I was so glad i still had my bra and underwear I threw my shirt at him and he ran away laughing. I hated louis. I finished everything really quickly so I could kill Louis faster,but someone knocked. I said"come in!" It was Niall. He came and said"Hey sorry about louis he can be an idiot sometimes." I said "You got that right. Anyway the boys left after Niall was finished talking to me. I said goodbye to all the boys and punched Louis in the gut. Well,I went to my room. I got really bored and asked Zayn if we can talk and stuff. We became good friends. We started to talk a lot. Zayn finally said"Why do you like Niall and don't deny it?" I answered "Because... He reminds me of you.....

A/N Cliffhange and I to,ld you it would get longer and better. Thank you for reading till this chapter of my book.part I cant believe people are actually reading this book. Anyway will write as soon as possible.










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