Opposites Attract

Jasmine was the class nerd.Zayn was the class troublemaker. They got paired up to spend a week together and see what a married couple is. Will they kill each other or express real feelings?


5. Niall is gone...

                I quickly grabbed Zayn and drove fast to the hospital. I couldn't stop worrying aout both of them. When I got there I quickly told the doctors to get Zayn and asked them if I could see Niall. I rushed into hius room and saw him in a pool of blood! I colundn't believe it! I could see him trying to breathe. "What happened?" I asked him "I didn't know where were you,so I went to look and i guess a guy hit me with his car on accident." I couldn't believe that this was all my fault. Once everyone heres about this they are going to hate me forever. I quickly explained everything to Niall,but it was to late. The heart monitor then had  the...line. I can't believe NIiall died and this was all my fault. I sat there and cried forever. Then,I remembered Zayn. I finally got the courage to leave. I quickly went to Zayn's room where he was all okay and was just fast asleep. He woke up and asked about Niall. I just cried. Before I could finish three boys walked in and looked like they were about to cry. In the end,all of us were crying and we hugged each other.We all knew that Niall was gone and was never going to be back.We finally stopped crying and told everyone funny stories about Niall and all the good stuff to make us smile again.We sat there in silnce after that for like what seemed forever then there was a knock at the door. We all opened it and there was Niall cut and bloody,but still alive. We all hugged and he told us the machine was broken and he is still alive.We all started laughing and gave Niall a individual hug with each of us. Niall gave me a big hug. Then, He kissed me right on the lips!

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