Opposites Attract

Jasmine was the class nerd.Zayn was the class troublemaker. They got paired up to spend a week together and see what a married couple is. Will they kill each other or express real feelings?


2. My "perfect' Partner

                  I couldn't believe today was this stupid project.The project was were we had to spend a week,boy and girl,together and see what a marrige couple is like. Mr.Mckenzie started to call out all the names like Harry,Liam,Louis,Eleanor,Christina,Alex,and much more,but finally my name was called with ...Zayn Malik.I couldn't believe I got picked with the bad boy or trounble maker of the whole school. How am I going to even get an A with him as my partner. What made it worst is that we had to talk right now. I walked to Zayn so mad and really didn't want to talk to him. Zayn whispered"We are going to my house and don't think I will do any of this work your on your own geek!" "Oh and my friends ard coming over so don't talk to them." "You don't just get to call where we are going we need to talk about it!" I stated "Just did!" He said We sat in silence the rest of the time. Then the bell finally rang for 3rd period. We all exited out of the classroom and I saw Zayn walk to the doors and leave school. I was so mad at him because I didn't know where his house was. Wow,one great guy!

A/N so sorrythere is no talking or anything hardly it's because I tried writing it 3 times and lost it. I got kinda sleepy writing so I hurried up and typed because I finally wanted to finish making an a actual chapter. I promise it will get better but pleasse keep reading. If you don't that is okay but if you like my movellas I will read yours.

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