Opposites Attract

Jasmine was the class nerd.Zayn was the class troublemaker. They got paired up to spend a week together and see what a married couple is. Will they kill each other or express real feelings?


4. Leaving quickly away

                   "What?" Zayn asked Before Zayn could even say anything else I quickly got up and ran out the door. I didn't know why I said that or if he heard it either. I guess it just slipped out and I don't know. All I did was run really far until I got to the park.I sat on the bench thinking of what I just did. A few minutes later a car pulled up and it was Niall. "What are you doing?" he asked "Nothing,I was um just g-getting fresh air."I lied "You know you are a terrible liar and why aren't you at Zayn's?" he said I asked him if I could please just stay at his house. "Okay."He said I was really worried about school tomorrow. What would Zayn think or say? Would he make fun of me or tell Niall? I didn't care I just got into the car and waited for him to drive to his house. "So,what do you want to do?" he asked I shrugged and just went to the couch and turned on the TV. Niall went to the kitchen and got some food for us to eat and he brought ALOT! We spent the rest of the day having fun. We stayed up really late and just relaxed. I knew that I was going to regret this. I knew I was going to miss school.I knew the teachers would call my parents and i knew Zayn would find us but I didn't care. I just got up from the couch where Niall was fast asleep and went outside. I went to the cafe and  sat there for an hour. I then went to Niall's house because he would probably worry about me. I got in and looked for Niall. I went all around the house and called him but no answer.I got really worried and opended the door. Zayn bumped into me and he looked terrible. I was so scared and shocked to see him. He was so out of breath and was trying hard to say something."Jasmine,Niall got hurt ...and is in the hosptital!" he panted. Then Zayn passed out.


A/N Thank you for reading I want to make another story but need to know if I am a good writer so I need at least ten to fifteen likes or favorites on this please. And also please keep reading I will update tomorrow probably not updadte tomorrow because it is father's day.

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