Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


1. Magic High

The alarm clock ringed and I got up..I looked at the calender July 5 my birthday. I smiled and opened the closet going in picking some clothes to wear. I laid it out on the bed and went to the bathroom. I took a shower then washed my face and teeth. I got back out and changed into those clothes. I walked downstairs seeing my mum and my dad sitting there smiling at me.
"hey mum , hi dad" I said kissing them on the cheek
"my baby girl is finally 18" my dad said proudly. I smiled sitting down across from him. Mum handed me the plate of bacon. She then gave me a box
"go ahead open's from your dad and I" I opened it seeing a necklace that says "forever". I smiled kissing my mum
"I love it" I said smiling. I put the necklace on. and continue to eat my bacon. My mum looked through the mails and froze when she saw something.. She then showed my dad and he looked sad..they looked at me and I smiled
"Everything alright?" my mum sighed and sat down..She handed me a mail that was in a blue envelope. The letter was to me and it was from "Magic High"..I open the letter reading it.. I then laughed
"haha this is hilarious ...I feel like Harry Potter nice acting mum" I said putting this ridiculous letter down it said that I kno magic and I'm invited into this Magic school?.. I looked at my dad who just looked sad
"dad stop acting this prank is stupid" I said..My 16 year old brother then came down hugging me.
"happy birthday you brat" he said messing with my hair. I may be older then him but he acts like he's older than me. He then looked at the letter and read it..and looked at me..
"mum dad you can't let her go" he said..he's in this prank too. i laughed
"ha ha ha okay lets get this prank over with yes I know magic" I said waving my hand at the bacon and the plate broke..wait what..did that just happen...
"how the fuck did you guys make a plate break like that teach me!" I said to them
"JJ you did that" Alan said.. I looked at him
"it's true do know magic" my mum said.. i shook my head
"stop playing"
"were that again but with...the microwave" I rolled my eyes looking at the microwave waving my hand and it broke..There was smoke coming out way.
"I still do-"
"KNOCK KNOCK" A old lady appeared in the kitchen..wait what how did she do that ..wth! 
"Ah you must be JJ..I'm guessing you have the letter about Magic High..I'm Professor Bretanne" She looked at my parents and my parents looked at me Alan just stood there speechless so was I.
"okay..stop stop stop bravo I love your magic trick now I have to go to work so bye" I said walking out but then the lady was in front of me how did she..she was just in the back of me wtf..
"magic" she said... I raised an eyebrow.
"mum dad seriously what is going on?" I mum took a deep breath
"listen JJ..your not really our daughter"
"what?..mum I know I just turned 18 and you want me out the house already?" 
"she's serious..your not really our daughter.." dad said..I sat back down listening to what they had to say.
"" I said looking at them I could tell tears were forming in my eyes..
"listen your real mum was a witch and your dad was a wizard..your mum was my best friend but when she had you she had to leave you due to some reason which you will find out later..your parents was forced to leave you with me here on earth.." I just sat here shock tears were streaming down my face. Alan walked over wiping my tears off
"your lying..I don't have magic powers your my real parents!"
"look focus over there at the fridge think you want to go there" the Professor said.. I looked at the fridge..I then opened my eyes and I was in front of the chair I turned around seeing them look at me the Professor was smiling....
"so when do I leave to go to this Magic High"I asked...
"now actually" I looked at my parent and hugged them they kissed my cheek
"babe watch out ..the magic isn't as fun as it seems" my mum ..well I'm still calling her my mum ..she and dad and Alan will always be my family... I nodded..I hugged Alan
"if anything your always welcome back dork" I nodded and he kissed me on the cheek. I stood next to the lady she held my hand and said something then a bright light appeared I closed my eyes..once the bright shine was out of my face I opened my eyes seeing a BIG BIG manor...are those dragon flying around?! 
"this is Magic High"

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