Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


3. Harry Is Nice

"JJ where are you going the dorm room is this way" Liz said.. I looked over to where she was going at.. I shook my head
"no I remember that my dorm was this way..." 
"are you sure?...that passage leads us to the room in the tower" ..I think my room is the one in the tower.. I nodded she nodded and walked with her other friends the other way..I continued to walk straight and as I did it gets darker..did I go the wrong way. I'm scared now..I continued to walk and felt a hand on my shoulder I jumped and turned around seeing Harry. I felt more relief
"you scared the shit out of me.!" 
" know your going the wrong way right dorms are that way." 
"..I don't believe I was in a dorm I was in a room..I could see a town or a village from my window" 
"oh..that's the room the boys and I always go to hang out when we want to skip classes..wait you live in there now?" I nodded and he told me to follow him.. I followed him and then recognize the pictures on the wall ..yup 
"I'm sorry for calling you dumb earlier" I apologized he looked at me smiling and said it's okay...we then reached my door and I opened it..he wanted to come in so i let him
" know your the topic of every talk right now?" I shook my head..
"you literally got Zayn and Abby in trouble they will get you back so watch your back also you have no idea what elements are or anything that involves with magic in general they want to know who you really are" 
"I honestly don't care if I got Abby and Zayn pissed off and I'm JJ I literally just found out about magic today..." Harry looks surprise
"yeah it's my 18th birthday today and Professor Bretanne just popped in saying I know magic"
"Happy Birthday! "Harry yelled and spread his arms..and hugged me..I hugged back and let go. He then snapped his fingers and a chocolate cake appeared..
"wait is it real?" he nodded and put candles on the cake. The lights then went off and he started singing happy birthday to me...
"make a wish!"  .. I wish I can have enough money to support my family..  I then blew the candles and the light went back on.
"hey did you turn Zayn into a donkey?" Harry asked finishing the last piece of the chocolate cake.
"no.....I don't know..." 
"so you don't know are you going to take Professors Dacons test?" I shrugged my shoulders
"That's why I'm studying tonight I can't believe I have to take the test..I already graduated from high school I'm suppose to be saving money for uni now." I sat down looking at the textbook Professor Dacons told me to study... Then harry shut the book
"you can't study everything here's a study sheet" Harry said snapping his fingers.. I looked at it
"wait how did you get this?"
"he only gives study sheet to 1 student and that's usually Abigail and she gave it to Zayn and he gave it to us so now I have it"
"wait so other people in the class doesn't get this? that's unfair" he shrugged his shoulder sitting at the edge of my bed looking at me.
"Harry ... why is Abby like a bitch? "
"...cause her father is a council member here in magic world" I rolled my eyes.I studied it and Harry took the paper
"okay what are the main elements in magic?"
" air?" he nodded I smiled and we continued to study like that.
"WRONG!" Harry yelled and tickled me..Again.. I looked at the study sheet
"I know..I just want to tickle you!" he says and tickled me again..After a while I checked the time and it was 3 damn we studied for 4 hours. 
"Harry it's late you should go back to your dorm..." I said he looked at the time and bit his lips
"oh I can't..." he then went and open the door I realize there was a BIG metal thing..
"what is that?!"
"it's a rule by midnight these come down so kids won't be able to wander around the building. So wait...he's gonna have to sleep in my room..I groaned..
"thats the most stupid rule ever!" 
"I guess I have to sleep here with you tonight" he said cheekily I rolled my eyes.
"well I'm going to take a shower and just go find a corner can not and i repeat CANNOT sleep in the same bed as me." I went into the bathroom grabbing some PJ.. I took a long shower sighing.. I then got out seeing Harry asleep like a pig on my bed this is just great.  I got on the bed and just laid there... 
Harry is actually really nice.

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