Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


2. Did I do That.

I walked into the big school with Professor Bretanne , I saw people walking around with those robes you would see in Harry Potter. They passed Professor Bretanne and would greet her they then looked at me smiling. Aw people here have manners and they seem friendly. Professor Bretanne then stopped at a door.
"this is your room,your lucky you don't have no room mates this room is all yours. Go in there you have your class schedules and such if anything just call my name." I nodded and she disappeared in front of me. I went into the room and it smells like SEX. legit..sweat and shit.. I walked in seeing my bed all messy..yup someone had sex in here.. I heard giggles and the bathroom door opened revealing a girl with black hair and blue highlights then a guy...wait..wait..he's Zayn Malik..from that um stupid band One Direction!
"who the hell are you? do you not know this room is forbidden to enter get the fuck out" the girl spat..ugh no manners..bitch alert. 
"the name is JJ and this is my new room. so you get the fuck out" I spat back she raised an eyebrow stepping forward to me in my face
"do you know who I am? how dare you talk to me like that!" 
"a bitch that can't stop barking? fuck off..actually PROFESSOR BRETANNE!" I yelled and she popped in front of me she smiled then saw the girl and Zayn
"what are you guys doing here! why are you just wearing a boxer and you put some clothes on! get to my office both of you!" She yelled the girl glared at me and so did Zayn they grab their clothes off the floor and disappeared. Professor then waved her wand and i had new bedsheets ! yay me. Professor Bretanne then popped out. I looked around my room and it was big. I sat down on the desk reading my schedule...potion class,spell class..this is too much. Then text book appeared on my desk..damn all about magic. I looked out of my window and I could see a village or town. I turned around and this robe thing popped up.. I put it on and it's so comfy..Then Professor Bretanne popped in she needs to knock. -.- ..
"okay now lets go get you to your class"
"already?" she nodded. i followed her out of my room and we had to walk so many stairs. i am so going to be lost. Finally we stopped at a room she walked in and i followed everyone starred at me.. i looked away to see Professor Bretanne talking to this guy..Professor Bretanne left then the guy smiled
"hi I'm Professor can sit right over there next to Abigail." I looked at who he was talking about and it was that girl that had sex in my room she raised an eyebrow and send death glares
"um no...if you put me next to the barking dog I'm afraid I'm going to stick a bone in her mouth or something" The class laughed and some was like "oooo" ... damn their immature. Professor then put me next to this girl name Liz. i smiled at her and she smiled back I looked around and realize that blonde guy from One Direction is also in this class....the hell
"JJ" I snapped out of it and looked at the Professor
"do you know what the basic elements are?"
"don't know don't care" I sang he shook his head and told me what they there's water fire..and i forgot the rest. I sat here so bored....Liz looked at my schedule and smiled
"I have the same classes with you" she whispered i smiled. The bell ringed and I got up.
"so wait you just got your powers?" I nodded and followed her to the next class i sat next to her in the back of the room. Then a strong smell of perfume hit my nose damn..I looked at the door seeing that Abigail girl behind her was 3 girls. she looked at me glaring at me. she sat in the front then talked to her girl and they looked back glaring at me, I so want to poke them in the eye. 
"did you do anything to Abigail?" Liz asked 
"what she had sex with this guy name Zayn in my room so I called professor Bretanne" 
"you made zayn mad? girl they are considered top wizards here they are powerful"
"zayn and his crew so is Abigail with her crew"
"don't tell me Zayn's crew involve Harry,Niall, Liam and Louis?" she nodded.
"how do you know?"
"their in this boyband called One Direction"
"Wait your from earth?" I nodded and she looked amused.
"So wh-"
"bitch because of you I have to wash the dishes!" I looked up seeing Zayn glaring at me
"Bastard because of you my room smells like herpes and HIV!" I snapped back everyone once again did the "ooo's" I felt Liz pull my robe trying to get me to calm down. Then someone tapped on Zayns I looked to see that Harry guy he looked at me and winked I rolled my eyes sitting down
"watch your back" Zayn snaped.
"watch your back" I mocked back.he glared at me sitting next to Abigail. I rolled my eyes and Harry sat next to me on my right. He looked at me smiling
"stop looking at me like that you freak. Look at your little fan girls like that" he looked surprised
"your from Earth?"
"no shit. damn your dumb I can't see how my best friend likes you" he frowned and got up sitting next to Zayn. Finally he leaves me alone. The professor popped in and looked at the class
"who are you" he asked looking at me. don't teachers communicate around here i rolled my eyes
"are you in the right class?" he asked everyone was looking at me by now I got up giving him my schedule and he looked at me. He then gave me it back and I sat down so annoying. I thought since they were magical news would spread quicker around the teachers. 
"alright pop quiz" the professor said everyone groaned and a paper appeared on my desk I read it ..
"I can't do this I know nothing on this paper" 
"what do you mean you don't know anything don't your parents pre-" Then a bell ringed and everyone smiled what bell is that
"what bell is that?"
"a announcement bell who have to all gather up in the meeting room." Liz said..I followed her into this big room that looks like a auditorium. I sat down with Liz and notice Zayn and his band sat behind me. and those girls as well.. Zayn kept kicking my chair. 
I wish I can turn him into a donkey..I heard a scream from Abigail and turned around seeing Zayn turned into a donkey..I laughed so hard...wait, did I do that.

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