Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


7. Chapter 7

"I honestly don't know what to show you..." I said sitting on the swings eating my ice cream...while Chance pushes me..

"hmm Oh lets go pick up Alan!" I said looking at the time..apparently the time difference is different here. 

"who's Alan?"

"my brother" He looked at me and nodded...I then walked to my house and showed Chance how the house looks like. Hope he doesn't judge me ...his house is 10x bigger than mine afterall he does live in a palace.My family is a middle class family...

"Oh can I use the bathroom ?" I nodded and walked to my door...fuck

"I forgot my know how to climb in?" He nodded but stopped me from climbing

"dummy your a witch ,watch" I looked at him and he waved his hand at the doorknob...the door then opened..I looked at him and he smiled...damn....If only I knew I was a witch early it would have prevented me from all those broken bone injuries from climbing to my room. I walked in and showed Chance where the bathroom was...I looked at the kitchen seeing the dirty dishes...they must have been so busy lately..I tied my hair up and started to wash the dishes..

"what are you doing?" I jumped seeing Chance watching me

"washing the dishes duh" I respond rinsing the dishes. 

"....Don't the dishes wash themselves" ..shaking my head...royalty of course he never washed or done chores

"no dishes don't wash themselves...on Earth this is called doing chores." I said he looked at me then he took over and started to help me.

"hear you use this sponge to scrub the plates and bowls put soap and rinse" he did what I told him and I smiled.After that he finished and he washed his hands..

"oh it's almost time hurry!" I said walking out the door. Chance locked my door for me and we started running

"this is the short cut I go whenever I run late to school" I quickly cut turned to run through the forest..

"watch out theres' a lot of glass here I slipped and fell once and the broken glass scratched me arms luckily not my face"

"you live quite a life...dangerous too, climbing into your house.." I gave him a weak smile

"I love this makes me feel safe...and sometimes I feel like I'm protected here..Whenever I'm sad or mad I always come here and sit by the lake listening to the sound of nature's so fun and relaxing"Chance nodded and we were finally at my school...I heard the bell ring and kids started to come out the front door..

"...this is what school on Earth looks like?" I nodded...finally I saw my brother Alan walking out with his friends..I ran over

"ALAN!" i screamed and he quickly ran over hugging me tightly

"Gosh I miss you !!" 

"i've only been gone for 2 days"

"no 2 months!" He said...damn time zone is different here..

"JJ you still look hot" One of Alans friend said.Alan flipped him off and then some guy looked pissed the fuck off walking over towards us

"Alan have you pissed someone off?!" he nodded and then i turned his body around. the guy was about to swing and I was about to stop him but Chance stopped the guy.

"Alan you pussy ass bitch! fight yourself! you twat!" I walked over to the guy and gave him a death glare.Alan held me back but I pulled him forward

"liste-" But I was cut off by Alan..

"Dude let him go this is my own fight" Alan said to Chance..Chance looked at me and I nodded. if I don't let Alan fight people would call him a pussy and shit and his highschool reputation would be ruined because of me and I don't want htat...Chance let go of the guy and he cracked his fingers. The guy swung at Alan but Alan ducked that and kicekd him in the guts. the guy punched Alan across the face and I covered my eyes .Chance hugged me and I looked and then Alan was on top of that guy hitting him across his face.

"alright alright enough " I said to Alan..pulling him off the guy. the guy then pulled my hair and thats when Chance punched the guy...the guy fell to the ground and you could already see the bruise Chance made..

"Chance lets go!" I said pulling him and Alan...Alan looked like he's ready to attack the bastard for pulling my hair..

"dude why did he want to fight you?!" I asked as we got into the car.

"cause I confronted him about backing off my girlfriend"

"ooo you have a girlfriend? who?" I asked

"before you question me who's your boyfriend here" I looked at Chance and he looked at me almost like he wanted to laugh

"he's a friend..he's actually a prince in the magic realm."Alan turned around looking at me with wide eyes

"yup he's a prince"

"dude you can fight" Chance smiled and then a girl walked inside and she was really pretty..

"oh you must be JJ , Alans sister..I heard a lot about you from him..I'm amanda" I smiled and looked at Alan 

"oh babe can you drive me to a hotel..I need to try to get a picture or signature of them for Zoey it's her 6th birthday tomorrow" wait the boys are back on Earth?! damn..

"yeah sure" Alan

"wait isn't Harry and the boys in one direction?" Chance asked quietly..I nodded..Chance took out his phone and texted someone...after a few seconds the phone ringed..

"Amanda right? I'm Chance hi..and you will meet the boys today...I asked them for the signature and they said their happy to see you" Amanda's eyes widen and so did Alans..Even though Alan is not a fan of One Direction he might be shock that Chance knows them....

fuck Zayn is going to kill me for the dog thingy fuck fuck 

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