Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


6. Chapter 6

 "I'm sorry" I said to Zayn as he laid down bed ignoring me.We were at the medical room ..apparently the cow broke his bone..such a lie to get out of class

"okay bye sucka" I said walking out but he grabbed my arm I turned around seeing him smirk..he got up and backed me up to the wall.

"Lets be honest you want me" I looked at him raising my he serious? I rolled my eyes and tried to get out of his grip but this bitch is just too strong...alright I'll just play a little game with him

"ooooo yeah you got me ...yeah I want you fucking bad" I said in a seductive tone and then i licked my lips and bit them.

He looked at me smirking ... and then tried to crash his lips on to mine but I stopped him

"no no no naughty...lets do it my way" He looked at me like I was a challenge and then I pushed him onto the bed. he looked at me and I walked over he placed his hand on my ass smacking me. bitch. 

I played with the buttons on his collared shirt and pushed him down to the bed completely. 

"So where were you hurt?...over here?" i asked pointing at his chest..I then slowly moved down bit by bit asking if it hurt..finally I got near his crotch area..he bit his lips looking at me..

"close your eyes love"He closed his eyes and I sigh lowly thinking of a dog..suddenly a cute dog appeared

"hush..I'll be back need something to tie you up." I said getting off of him..his eyes were still closed and I gently walked over to the dog..I picked the dog up and's a big haha..

"perk them lips for me" I said and he did..The dog then licked his lips 

"oh you have a big tongue" He said with his eyes still closed.I held in my laugh and put the dog on the side while he was still licking Zayns lip.I took out my phone taking a picture then walked out of the medical room. I saw Chance standing in the hallway looking at what appears to be a picture...I walked over slowly behind him seeing the picture of a little baby with 2 boys besides her smiling..

"who's that" I asked,Chance jumped and looked at me..

"my little sister...this is me and Lance" he said...wait there's a princess...

"wait you have a little sister...does she goes to this school?" I asked he looked at me with sorrow in his eyes..

"no.." he said...damn he sounds sad...should I ask him what happen...or should I keep shut...yolo

"what happened? you don't seem so good" he breathed in and looked at me

"follow me and I'll tell you" ..I followed him up to a window...He looked around and put his hand in front of the mirror then the mirror wasn't there...he took my hand and climbed out the window..the window went back..

"Don't look down."he said climbing up..I nodded and looked down

"OH MY FUCKING GOSH WERE SO HIGH UP DUDE DUDE DUDE!" I screamed he shook his head and put his other hand down and white stuff appear making us go up faster ..then we stopped and Chance sat down..I did too and he started to laugh..

"what?"I asked ...he looked at me 

"I thought you weren't scared of look like a tough girl" I stuck my tongue out at him and punched his arm gently..

"alright...but yeah about my little sister.....when she was 1....magic realm turned upside down...bad magic was taking over badly....war between good and bad....finally bad took over making devils and demons running around the good side and they took advantage and then they all wanted to attack the palace which is my that time no one knew it was their plan so I was playing in my room with Lance and my mother came in holding our little sister Elaine...she was fast asleep and my mum placed her on our bed..she then walked over to play with us...and then we heard terrifying mum quickly ran over getting Elaine and rounded us all in a corner ..she was holding Elaine and Elaine was still sleeping..."mummy what's going on?" Lance asked and our mum shrugged...suddenly the door opened and 5 demons were there.."I want to kill all of them" one of them said, "no lord will kill us get the child and leave" The other mum heard that and she held us tightly and used a protection spell...she held Elaine in one hand and started to throw fireballs at the demons and the demons started to attack but it didn't hit us because of the protection spell..Lance and I were attacking them with Magic too...suddenly they gathered together around the protection bound area and closed their eye saying some weird chant mum started to attack them but they seem to be having their own protection mum got mad and threw a big powerful ball at them but still they were all too strong combined...suddenly the protection spell broke and one attack Lance and the other attacked me My mum screamed then I heard Elaine cry and then she got attacked and the other took Elaine away from mum tried to get Elaine back but they all attacked her and luckily she survived...they quickly all disappeared and last thing I heard was Elaine crying before i blacked out" I looked at Chance and he started to cry...I can't lie I started to cry too I hugged him and he hugged me back..i rubbed his shoulder

"it's's okay" I said he continued to cry harder..I can't lie what he told me was sad but my other weakness was seeing a guy cry...

"HEY WHO ARE YOU GUYS?! YOU GUYS AREN'T ALLOWED UP THERE!" I looked down and then looked at Chance I wiped his tears away and hugged him

"...oh oh it's the weekend tomorrow that means no school correct?" he nodded and I smiled

"can you open up a earth?" he nodded and then he seemed to get what I want to say.he nodded and we got back down and the guy looked at Chance

"Prince Chance you know your not allowed up there.."He then looked at me rolling his eyes

"now I won't report this to the headmaster but no more of that" Chance nodded and we walked to my room..he went inside and said some weird words and a cracked opened up in mid air.

"come on take me to earth and lets explore" I smiled and he held my arm gently and we walked inside.Earth here I come!

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