Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


5. Chapter 5

"Liz you know how earlier you asked if I did anything with Harry?" Liz looked at me and stopped eating

"well we sort of did" I said looking at her reaction ..oh my god she looked like she was heartbroken aw.

"oh okay" she said normally trying to play it off. and continue to eat. I laughed and hugged her

"don't worry  I was lying I'm not  gonna steal your man" I said reassuring her. she looked at me

"what are you talking about?"

"Me and Harry didn't do shit and I can tell you like him or crushing on him" she immediately blush

"don't tell anyone"

"psh who is there to tell? everyone here is so fake and bitchy your my only friend here" I said smiling she smiled widely suddenly  Lance sat next to me with this other guy...okay I'ma admit it Lance is cute and so is his friend here but Lance is annoying so I'm pretty sure this guy here is too

"hey I'm Chance" I smiled and continue to eat. Looking at Liz she put her head down eating. grr these guys must be making her uncomfortable

"hey guys there's like so many other places to sit why don't you guys sit somewhere else" I said and I felt Liz looked at me like she was scared for me. Suddenly I felt a slap across my face. I looked up seeing Abigail smacking me across the face and everyone looking at me

"how dare you talking to Prince Lance and Prince Chance like that" oh..fuck so their the prince? wait fuck that shit. I don't care who they are this is afterall a school. And this bitch

"I had enough of you and NO ONE touches me like that" I said before jumping on her and punching her at her face. She started to punch me to and I felt likes he made cuts on my face with her ring.She grabbed my hair and I grabbed her hair then slammed it hard to the floor. she screamed in pain and let go a bit of my hair so I started punching her harder. Suddenly I was up on the air and I looked at her glaring.

"what happened?!" I looked seeing Professor Bretanne

"this bitch punched me like a mad dog!" Abigail said

"this whore slapped me first"

"that's cause she disrespected Lance and Chance!" Abigail said getting up

"no she did not..she was playing around with us." Chance said ..wait he's defending me?!

"yeah...but this bitch here slapped JJ here for no reason!" Prince Lance said..I smirked and looked at Abigail.

"Abigail to my office" Professor Bretanne said and walked out suddenly I stopped floating in the air and was sat down back to my seat.

"your bleeding" Liz said. I frowned and she snapped her fingers giving me a mirror I looked at the mirror seeing the scratches on my face.

"here let me help" Lance said and put his palm on my face then I felt tingly feeling on my face. After that he took his hand away and the cuts were gone

"oh my gosh that's super cool!" I said looking at the mirror. he nodded and smile.

"now I know why everyone here is scared of you or looks scared your the prince at first I thought your some douche bag who just beats everyone up for standing against you" I said looking at Lance he laughed and Liz pulled my shirt a bit.

"oh shoot oops my bad...forgot your the prince excuse my language" He smiled and then we continued to eat and talk all together. Their actually cool and nice..

After a long day my last class yes!! Surprised Zayn has completely ignored me today.I was actually looking forward to messing with him...wait I spoke too soon here he comes.

"you little bitch your lucky your a girl or else my first would have been on your face you made my girlfriend get suspended for 1 month"

"aw little zawyne can't wank off himself but needs someone too? aww boo hoo" I said and he rolled his eyes. I laughed and the class continued

"okay Zayn and JJ partners"

"WHAT?!" Zayn and I both said

"partners for the work lets go" Professor said. I rolled my eyes groaning. Zayn and I started to work together and just when I thought everything was alright he fucking made a octopus appeared on my head

"you fucking cow!" I said and suddenly a cow popped up and landed on Zayn. Oh shit I laughed loudly..did I do that? no way.. haha

"JJ! " Professor scolded

"he put a octopus on my head!"

"yeah but you didn't have to put a fucking cow that weighs more on Zayn!" Niall said .. ouch. I rolled my eyes but now I feel bad for doing that but I didn't even mean to

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