Magic High

Magic High a school for magical beings. JJ just turned 18 and she got her powers..she was then requested to go to Magic High. Little did she know that the famous boy band One Direction is also in that school.


4. Chapter 4

"why in the world is your bed comfier than mine! "Harry said putting on his shoe. I shrugged and combed my hair. I open the door then looked at Harry. He put on his left shoe then got up. we walked out together and Harry closed the door and locked it for me.

"so where do you live in Earth?" Harry asked. I looked straight ahead at the people walking and pushing each other.

"Liverpool" I answered looking straight ahead. Honestly I hate the idea that Harry is sort of talking to me. My whole life I was a nobody even in High School. So it's kind of awkward and off that Harry is talking to me. the loser. or the ugly slut.

"Harry where were you last night?" Niall asked then looked at me he smirked looking at Harry

"no we didn't do anything sexual. so don't even make up lies or rumors" Niall held up his hand in defense and smiled.

I then heard a unfamiliar bell..

"what does this bell mean"

"the royalties are back."

"royalties? kings and queens?"

"yeah but this bell means the Prince are back and they have school and classes with us..the royalties King James and Queen Lauren..and their 2 sons are considered the most powerful family..King James ancestor were considered the creator of magic and balance the magic between good and evil."

I nodded ,wow ..this is just too much. I walked to my first lass which Harry was in. I sat next to Liz and smiled

"I and Harry slept together last night" she said I shook my head smiling

"nah he slept over but we didn't do anything..he was trapped inside due to the bars and curfew time"

"so you guys didn't do anything?" she asked , hmmm is this what it sounds like?

"nope nothing at all..why you have a crush on him?" I asked whispering the last part. she looked down and her cheeks turned red. I dropped my mouth smiling

"that's so cute! I can so pic-

"hi" I was cut off by some guy.. I looked at him and he smiled

"hi?" I said back now everyone was looking at me.he looked at Liz and gave her an eye to move. Liz got up but I stopped her

"no Liz sit with me" I said Liz looked at the guy and I looked at him

"who the hell do you think you are telling my friend to move? you ain't the boss of her sit your ass somewhere else"

"Lance ignore her come sit with me" one of Abigail little follower, Deena said. I rolled my eyes at her since she was glaring at me.

"it's over there move" he said looking at the guy sitting next to Liz. He moved and Liz moved down

"either you move down so you can sit next to your friend or I sit in between you guys" I rolled my eyes getting up and sat in between Liz and this Lance guy. Gosh I want to smack him.

Professor walked in smiling.

"Good morning ladies and gents. okay first thing is first turn in any homework and assignments. Then take out your text book turn to page 450 and do up to 500 you may work with partners on this anything you don't get ask me before you do something foolish and stop at the last question well have a bit of fun all together" Professor said what 50?! and every started talking

I looked at Liz and Lance

"Guess all 3 of us are partners" Liz said taking out her text book. I groaned taking mine out

"so your new...whats your name?" Lance asked

"Call me JJ" He nodded. and we started to do activities that were in the text book. We started to do the things the text book told us to do using magic on the object turning it into something else.

"now this is the last one"

"what? no way that was 50 questions it didn't feel like it" I replied to Liz

"cause magic is fun" Lance said turning the page

"haha I can't sing any of you? "Liz asked looking at us

"not me I'm a charmer but I can't sing"

"fine whatever I'll do it. I did take chorus class before"

"why does it involve singing?"

"we have to sing in order to lift the object up..thats a little bit advance using your voice as control" I looked at Liz raising my eyebrow

"okay now if you chose the person to sing come up here" Lance gave me the object and I rolled my eyes walking up..

"hey wait no it's cheating he's a professional singer on earth!" I said looking at Harry complaining to the professor

"yeah but this also test out magic ..singing to make the object fly that's tough" Harry said

"whatever" I said standing next to him. the professor threw a object up in the air

"morning ladies and gentlemen here in my class today we have a little show singing in order to lift up an object" she said looking at the object

"wait this is live!?" I asked Harry

"yeah to the whole school and for the king and queen if their watching

"oh gosh" I said getting a bit nervous. First it was some cute know what magic relm has some sexy ass hot guys.. damn his singing is fine..but the object didn't fly or move..he looked a bit embarrassed and then it was some girl..after a while it was Harry's turn so far only 2 people did it..Harry started singing .. you know on earth I thought he was auto tune but he can sing for sure...the object started to fly and he smiled widely. then it was me

I breathed slowly then started to sing focusing on the object

"I lost myself in fear of losing you..I wish I didn't do, but I did, I lost my own ,my own identity  forgetting that you picked me for me"

"OH ITS FLYING!" I said looking at the object. Professor nodded and I smiled

"I did it!" I said walking to Liz

"you have a amazing voice!" Liz said I smiled

"thanks..I'm not that good"

"no your amazing!" Lance said I smiled looking at Harry and he gave me a thumbs up. I smiled then looked at Liz who was looking at Harry. Time to play match maker :)


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