Look After You

Emily Knight is a nineteen year old girl who loves to have fun and to be spontaneous. She's very cheeky and fun but also has a serious and sassy side too that you don't ever want to see. Her life is going really well and she seems to have everything planned out.... Until she meets a cartain curly haired, green eyed boy that goes by the name of Harry Styles. The thing is, they annoy each other to no end but they also challenge each other everyday in many different ways. With that being said, they see each other quite often considering management of One Drection recruited Emily to work for the band by filming all their music videos and handling all of their photoshoots. So basically, she helps to promote them. Will spending more and more time with theboys from One Diresction result in a disaster story or a love story?


2. Chapter Two

Arriving at the stadium, we get out of the car and make our way towards the line, waiting to get into the concert. Even though we already had tickets, we still had to wait in the humungous line of teenage Directioners to actually go into the stadium.

Once we got in, we headed towards the entrance to the room where the stage was, along with everyones seats while buying random things aong the way like T-Shirts or sweatshirts and pointless stuff like glowsticks, but we got the stuff anyway. I mean it was a concert, you had to buy into the whole experiance! Literally.

By the time we got to our seats, the concert was about to start. We waited maybe fifteen more minutes and then five boys came onto the stage, bouncing around and running, just having a good time. The boys opened with Live While We're Young so everyone was pumped by the time it was over. During the concert the boys answered some Twitter questions. It turns out that Cami had submitted one and hers got picked. Louis read it out loud and it said:

Can any of you rap any of Cher Lloyd's songs?

Liam tried and was fairly good at it which caused Cami to scream and be all happy. It was entertaining.

The boys continued to sing the rest of their songs and ended up closing with 'Kiss You'. All in all it was an amazing concert and I was sort of sad that it ended so soon. But then I remembered that we had VIP passes so we got to go backstage and meet One Direction which instantly brightened my mood.

We waited until the stadium had cleared out some before we made our way backstage. There was a HUGE line of people hopeing to get a glimpse of One Direction so we had to push and shove our way through to get to the security guard so he could check our passes. One he did that, he let us in.

The room we walked into was so incredibly big! There was a large sofa that seated five people, a loveseat and a few chairs scattered around the room. Cami and I were the first ones there so we chose to sit on the loveseat.

After anoter five minutes three more people came in there to sit down. After everyone was there One Direction finally came into the room and told us we were going to play a game of hide and seek around the stadium and our teams would be one of us with our favorite memberof 1D. This should be interesting...


Next update later today! Next chater is going to be WAY more interesting just sayin'! Hope you liked it! xx

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