Look After You

Emily Knight is a nineteen year old girl who loves to have fun and to be spontaneous. She's very cheeky and fun but also has a serious and sassy side too that you don't ever want to see. Her life is going really well and she seems to have everything planned out.... Until she meets a cartain curly haired, green eyed boy that goes by the name of Harry Styles. The thing is, they annoy each other to no end but they also challenge each other everyday in many different ways. With that being said, they see each other quite often considering management of One Drection recruited Emily to work for the band by filming all their music videos and handling all of their photoshoots. So basically, she helps to promote them. Will spending more and more time with theboys from One Diresction result in a disaster story or a love story?


3. Chapter Three

"Well, ladies, take your pick! You can go first and we'll go down the line!" One of the security guards, Paul I think, said gesturing to me. I smiled and then went to stand beside Harry.

"I choose Hazza!" I said maybe a tad too excitedly. Then it was Cami's turn. She of course picked Liam. She says it's because of his 'chocolate brown eyes' but I just roll my eyes and stick to Harry.

The other three girls go to Niall, Zayn and Louis. Once everyone has picked, the game begins and Harry and I dash off to find a hiding place.

We end up going towards the dresing rooms but Paul is there so we run in the opposite direction. Oh yeah did I mention that this version of hide and seek has a twist? Yeah, if Paul catches you trying to hide, you loose.

As Harry and I speed down the hallway, we run into Cami and Liam who are climbing up into a square hole type thing in the wall. It was funny seeing them climb in the small space.

Anyway after Harry and I move on from Cami and Liam, we come across an abandoned room so we end up hiding in there. It was dark and nothing was in there except for a couch, which we hid behind.

While sitting there waiting to either be found or be told the game was over, I couldn't help but notice the way Harry smelt. I don't mean that in the weird kind of way, I just mean we were sitting so close that I could smell him.... and he smelt really good! It made me want to be closer to him... but that was also already there... I swear i'm mental sometimes...

"So what made you pick me?" Harry asked in the deep, raspy voice that fit him so well.

"Well, for one I am a sucker for dimples..." I start, causing him to smile, exposing those dimples.

"But yeah, I dunno... you've always been my favorite. Even back on the X Factor. You were always funy yet serious but you also had this romantic edge to you. I dunno... it's hard to explain." I trailed off at the end, knowing why he was my favorite but not quite sure how to phrase it.

"I get it. I'm not good with words either." He said slowly, his eyes staring so intensely into my ownthat I literally lost my breath.... until a scream broke through the haze and running feet registered in my mind. I wonder who they found...

"It sounds like they found Zayn and the girl he was with. Hey, what's your name anyway?" He asked, just now realizing he didn't now it.

"Emily." I replied simply.

"And your friend?"


He nodded, confirming he heard the names and continued to ask random questions... not that I minded.

We continued to talk the rest of the time.... that is until the door to our hidin place busted open, scaring the pee out of me.

We were so screwed...


Well, here's your update so no more death threats! Lol jk! Anyway I'm really sorry this is so short but I am really tired and my brain is trying really hard to work through this fog of sleepiness.... I will update again tomorrow with a longer chapter hopefully so you won't have to wait to long! :)) I wish Four/Tobias from the book Divergent was real.... He's amazing and Theo James suits him well! :)) I hope at least one person knows what I am talkng about.... Anyway...



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