Look After You

Emily Knight is a nineteen year old girl who loves to have fun and to be spontaneous. She's very cheeky and fun but also has a serious and sassy side too that you don't ever want to see. Her life is going really well and she seems to have everything planned out.... Until she meets a cartain curly haired, green eyed boy that goes by the name of Harry Styles. The thing is, they annoy each other to no end but they also challenge each other everyday in many different ways. With that being said, they see each other quite often considering management of One Drection recruited Emily to work for the band by filming all their music videos and handling all of their photoshoots. So basically, she helps to promote them. Will spending more and more time with theboys from One Diresction result in a disaster story or a love story?


1. Chapter One

Hey guys! New story here and it's a Harry fanfic! This was requested by Emily Ann 96! She's so awesome and fun to talk to not to mention a good writer so go check out her stories! :) Here's chapter one!

Enjoy! xx


"Urgh! Why do teachers love to kill their students?" My best friend, Camille, better know as Cami, said as she made her grand entrance into my dorm room, plopping onto my sofa where I was currently sitting, studying for my finals.

Looking up, I raised and eyebrow at her, silently asking why she said that.

"I have a frikin' novel sized study guide to do." Cami said in an emotionless tone of voice. The way she said that coupled with her facial expression made me bust out laughing. All she did was roll her eyes and grab her phone. She was probably on Twitter again.

Turning my attention back to my own study guide, I tried to get back into that focused zone where I could actually study....but it just wasn't happening.

Giving a cry of frustration, I threw the packet across the room, causing Cami to give me a bewildered look.

"What? I got frustrated." I said, my tone slightly defensive. Cami however, simply laughed at me, agreeing with my action of throwing the packet across the room.

"Anything interesting on Twitter?" I asked her while grabbing us both a Dr. Pepper from the refrigerator.

"Not really. The only thing remotely interesting is One Direction's concert here in Cali tonight." Cami said casually. I however, chose to take a drink of the Dr. Pepper at the wrong time. As soon as she said the concert was here tonight, I spewed the mouthful of Dr. Pepper I had everywhere. Half of it ended up on Cami and the other half on the coffee table.

"Ewww! Okay, I love ya, Em, but I didn't want your spit all over me." Cami said jokingly while wiping the Dr. Pepper off her face.

"Sorry. ONE DIRECTION HAVE A CONCERT HERE TONIGHT?!" I practically screamed at Cami, causing her to wince at the loudness of my voice.

"Yeah.." She said, dragging it out.

"How did I not know about this!" I screeched. Yes I was a fangirl and right now I was a very upset fangirl. I mean come on! Who doesn't like One Direction?

"A lot of jealous people." Cami answered my unspoken question. Wait did I say that out loud?

"Yup." Cami said casually, taking a sip of her own Dr. Pepper.

"Well, crap! I wish we could go to that concert." I said, defeated, knowing that the concert was sold out.

"Says who?" Cami said with a smirk on her face.

"That concert is sold out. There's no way we'll get tickets." I told her logically.

"Well, yes but since your best friend knows that you would want to go to said concert, she got two front row tickets along with VIP passes." Cami said while taking the tickets and passes from her pocket and waving them in the air.

Myeyes widened to the size of golf balls and I squealed in excitement. I was going to see and meet One Direction! Ahhhh!\

"Okay now go get ready! We are leaving in an hour!" Cami said and I took off down the hallway to get ready.


Ten minutes later I was showered and standing in my closet, debating on my outfit for tonight. Deciding on some jean shorts, a purple shirt that had 'Future Mrs. Styles' written in pink on it and my black Converse.

Moving towards the mirror, I waterfall braided my dark brown hair around my head and applied eyeliner and mascara around my brown eyes and then put some pink lip gloss on my lips. Giving myself a once over I decided I was ready to meet the boys of One Direction.

Making my way out of my room, I saw that Cami was ready and standing in the living room of my dorm. She was wearing jean shorts that had the british flag on one side with a white and navy blu striped shirt, like the ones Louis wore and some white Converse. Her wavy blonde hair was left down, cascading down her back and there was minimal mascara and eyeliner framing her hazel eyes. Her lips were painted a darker shade of pink than mine, but not too dark.

"Ready?" She asked me, smiling at what I was wearing.

"Yup!" I said excitedly practically bouncing up and down as we made our way to the car.

Once we were in the car, I started playing One Direction while going to meet the band that was my favorite!


Well, this is really short and boring but I was being rushed *cough cough my sister* Anyway hope you liked it! Fan/Favorite/Comment! :)

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