Look After You

Emily Knight is a nineteen year old girl who loves to have fun and to be spontaneous. She's very cheeky and fun but also has a serious and sassy side too that you don't ever want to see. Her life is going really well and she seems to have everything planned out.... Until she meets a cartain curly haired, green eyed boy that goes by the name of Harry Styles. The thing is, they annoy each other to no end but they also challenge each other everyday in many different ways. With that being said, they see each other quite often considering management of One Drection recruited Emily to work for the band by filming all their music videos and handling all of their photoshoots. So basically, she helps to promote them. Will spending more and more time with theboys from One Diresction result in a disaster story or a love story?


4. Chapter Four

I jumped at the sudden noise that the door hitting the wall caused and in the two seconds it took me to recover, Harry was already off of the floor and, grabbing my hand, we made a run for it.

Running past whoever opened the door, we darted down the hall and threw ourselves into what seemed to be a dressing room. Hmm...

I looked around and saw tons of Converse and boots and also some beanies and T-shirts with bands such as the Ramones on them. Well, I knew whose dressing room this was.

"I'm assuming this is your dressing room?" I said, smirking a little at him.

"Yeah it is. How did you know?" He drawled in his thick accent.

"The clothing items." I say simply which only causes him to look even more confused. Sighing I decided to dumb it down for him.

"I am a Directioner. You are my favorite out of the group. You wear clothes like the ones in here all the time. Understand now?" I ask him, making my voice come out really slow, as if talking to a child. In response he simply nodded.

And that when the door burst open for the second time that night. Only this time it was just Liam and Cami coming in.

"Sup Cam!" I said, earning a death glare from Cami.

"I am not a dude so don't call me Cam." She said, still glaring at me while I smiled innocently and Liam laughed.

"Well hello again Cami." Harry said giving her a small wave.

"Hi Haz." She replied while smiling.

"So how did you and Liam end up coming in here?" I asked and Cami's casual smile turned into a mischevious smirk.

"Don't even get her started." Liam said dragging a hand down his face and trying not to smile at whatever happened.

"Well, Liam and I hid in a little cubby hole in the wall and it was a tight fit so after a while we had to move. As it turns out, I can't jump two feet off the ground without busting my ass so I fell. When I fell it made this huge thumping noise an then footsteps came running down the hall so Liam hurried and climbed out of the cubby-very smoothly might I say- and then we took off and here we are!" Cami said in one big breath.

"So basically you busted your ass which made a loud noise and you had to run away from the security guards?" I asked Cami.

"Pretty much. Also pointing out that Liam has more coordination than I do." She said nodding.

I looked at Harry who was also looking at me and we both started laughing hysterically.

"It's not funny." Cami said while making a pouty face.

Just then we heard thunder and a flash of lightning struck outside.

"Holy crap!" Cami screamed, jumping a bit.

"Scared of storms, love?" Liam asked in a sweet, concerned voice.

"No." She said defensively.

"It's okay love, I'll protect you." Liam said, putting an arm around Cami, much to her disappointment.

"Awwww!" Harry and I said in unison.

"Aw yourself." Cami snapped, crossing her arms over her chest in a irritated manner. That is until a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning sent her into Liam's arms, nuzzling her face into his neck, causing him to chuckle.

"Shut up." She mumbled against his neck as he tightened his arms around her.

"Do you sense a romance brewing?" I asked Harry quietly.

"Yes." He said and I looked up to see him staring at me. I suddenly got the feeling that that one simple answer had a huge double meaning. In response, I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks.

That's about the time we heard a clicking sound that sounded a lot like a door being locked automatically.

"What was that?" Cami asked in a slightly panicked tone.

"Probably the doors locking. They lock at certain times of the day." Harry said and seeing Cami and I's panicked expressions he rubbed the back of his neck and said:

"They don't unlock until dawn."

Shit, shit, shit!

"WHAT?" Cami said moving from panicked to full on freaked out.

"Cami, love, calm down. It's going to be okay." Liam said rubbing soothing circles into her back. I think it's about time to come up with a ship name for them since at the rate they were going, they would be dating by tomorrow.

"We should play 20 Questions or something to keep us busy since we are locked in." Harry said and we all nodded, heading over to the two couches that sat opposite each other in the small dressing room. Liam and Cami sat against one couch while Harry and I sat against the other one.

"Okay, who wants to go first?" Harry asked and since no one volunteered, I ended up going first.

"Okay. Hmm... Harry, what is your favorite color?" I asked him.

"Orange, but not the bright fluorescent orange." He said with a smile, exposing his dimpled cheeks.I nodded with a small smile on my lips and motioned for Liam, who was sitting in front of me, to go next.

"Alright. Cami, what is your favorite movie?" Liam asked blonde curly haired friend sitting beside him to which she blushed.

"The Little Mermaid." She mumbled quietly but still loud enough for everyone to hear. It was quiet for a couple seconds until Liam and Harry started laughing hysterically.

"It's not funny!" She said defensively, crossing her arms and pushing out her lower lip into a pout.

"Aw, I'm not laughing at you love. I'm laughing at the fact that my favorite movie is Toy Story and the fact that yours is also a Disney movie is funny." Liam said, giving her a quick peck on her cheek, causing Cami to blush profusely.

"My turn." Cami said, sitting up a bit more and turning to Liam to ask her question.

"What is your favorite song?"

"Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke." He answered, causing Cami to giggle and say she liked the song too. She wasn't lying either. That girl loved her some Robin Thicke.

"Okay! Before you all get all lovey dovey again, I have two questions for you and Cami." Harry said to Cami and I.

"Shoot." I said, leaning back against the couch.

"One: How old are you and Two: Do you have any secret talents?" He asked in a serious tone of voice.

"Secret talents?" Cami asked with amusement clearly in her voice. Harry simply nodded.

"Well, I am nineteen and I have the secret talent of being an awesome singer and a video editor." I explained and Harry raised his eyebrows in shock.

"And I'm twenty and my secret talent is singing, playing instruments and being a computer wiz and photographer." Cami said and Liam smiled at her, clearly fond of my green-eyed best friend.

And that's how we ended up singing together. Liam handing Cami an acoustic guitar and instructing her to play any song she wanted and Cami complied, playing 'Change My Mind', 'Little Things' and various other One Direction songs while we sand along in perfect harmony with the two British heart throbs and soon, fell asleep snuggled against said heart throbs.


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