They Don't Know About Us

When Zayn Malik Finds Cassidy in an ally way and rescues and falls for her he learns that she has a past of self-harm and needs to keep their relationship in the dark or she will get hated on (like his past girlfriends have) and worries that she will return to her old habits if the fans find out . Will it work?


12. im sorry


Oh my god. I hurt Cassidy. I'm such an idiot. The girl I promised myself I wouldn't hurt, the girl who I could possibly lo- STOP you're in love with Perrie not Cassidy. You can't love Cassidy Perrie will be heart broken and could spread rumors about me or the band and I can't afford that. I can't do that to the boys. (AN I have nothing against Perrie its just for the story) I need to go apologize. Now.



Liam ran into the other room where zany was. I heard some yelling and arguing. I hate that I'm the cause of all this. It always seems like everything is my fault. I start to feel tears no Cassidy no crying. I walk up the stairs and knock on Niall's door. He opened the door and smiled but that smile faded when he saw the tears going down my face. "Hey what's wrong?" "Liam and Zayn are fighting and it's my fault." "How's it your fault?" I tell him what happened and he just listened like he understands everything and knows exactly how I feel.  "I just feel like everything is my fault." "Its not Cassidy I promise."Thanks Niall"

sorry its short im getting writers block some was written this morning and the rest was written today now... remember to comment fan and fav ~Syd

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