They Don't Know About Us

When Zayn Malik Finds Cassidy in an ally way and rescues and falls for her he learns that she has a past of self-harm and needs to keep their relationship in the dark or she will get hated on (like his past girlfriends have) and worries that she will return to her old habits if the fans find out . Will it work?


9. hospital?

I wake up and hear a strange beeping noise and look around. The guys and the girls are all either talking, one their phone, or sleeping. "Guys?" they all look up at me surprised and crowd me. "why am I in the hospital?" "you passed out" Niall told me. "Oh so when can I get out?" "the doctor said to get him when you wake up and he'll do some normal test and if everything's good he'll send you home" Liam explains.  The doctor comes in and checks me and tells me im fine to go home. I get released and we all go home.


AN: ok I know it sucks but I have a big event with lots of drama coming up!!!

love you -Syd

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