They Don't Know About Us

When Zayn Malik Finds Cassidy in an ally way and rescues and falls for her he learns that she has a past of self-harm and needs to keep their relationship in the dark or she will get hated on (like his past girlfriends have) and worries that she will return to her old habits if the fans find out . Will it work?


10. Gone..

Co write thing
I woke up to Zayn's snoring. I sat up pulled up my sleeve and saw the scars, my life. I know I can't change, and i won't. I let tears trickle down my eyes, for a few moments until I heard Zayn say, "Love you okAy?" I just nodded in response. I stood up off the bed and jogged downstairs and I ran into LIAM accidentally. "You okay?" He asked while his gorgeous voice rang in my ears. I just nodded. What's with me and nodding? "I need to-" LIAM started but was interrupted by Zayn walking out towards us. "Hey Zayn." I waved. 
He smiled and grabbed my wrist dragging me into a empty room. "What did he say?" He viciously griped to me. I shrug knowing it really isn't his business. "TELL ME." He shouted while throwing me against the wall. "tell me." He said more calmly. I. Shook my head and walked away. "LIAM." I cried while trying to find LIAM. "What's wrong." He said while running up to me. "Zayn pushed me into a wall." I cried while my back began to become sore. 
"Be right back." He whispered into my ear while planting a kiss on my hairline. Of my forehead. I rested my head into my hands thinking how can I trust Zayn again? 
"Zayn what the heck mate?" I yelled to him. He ignored my calls if annoyances , "She is hanging with me tonight. So you can back off." I rolled my eyes to him. I walked back to the hall and Cassidy was gone..


THIS CHAPTER WAS MADE BYE @madison074 THX for reading guys check out my fan FIC 


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