They Don't Know About Us

When Zayn Malik Finds Cassidy in an ally way and rescues and falls for her he learns that she has a past of self-harm and needs to keep their relationship in the dark or she will get hated on (like his past girlfriends have) and worries that she will return to her old habits if the fans find out . Will it work?


4. A/N

Hello my carrots!!! I'm really happy I've already gotten close to 30 reads and it's only the beginning of the book! I'm truly, madly, crazy SO SO SO sorry for not being able to update but with my dad uploading pictures all the time for work and my brother always watching Minecraft videos and my own computer (Toshiba with windows 8) always crashing (I just got it in may so I'm a little mad but I'm going to get it fixed hopefully) and then yesterday someone who is like a second mom to me and is going through a divorce found her husband at his new girlfriends house the night before is now having a little bit of a hard time breathing. So she called her doctor on the way back from the store (she went with me and my mom) and he said that she is having a severe anxiety attack (I have really bad anxiety and I know what this attack is like for her for people who don't have severe anxiety attacks incase you want to know IT SUCKS!) and that she needs to go to the ER. She does not want to go because she is afraid she will look stupid no matter how many times we tell her she won't. I was texting her last night and she said if it gets worse she will go but I have my doubts. So I want to know does anyone want to co author? I am sorry once again I suck at updating!

You can message me on twitter: @Syd_love_1D

You can kik me: Syd_love_1D


I do not have a facebook I deleted that due to drama

tell me a little bit about yourself and send me a few (2 or 3) paragraghs on why you think you should be co author and what should happen in the book

If you do not want to co author and you still want to tell me what you want you can comment or kik or message me on twitter

thanks!! love you carrots!!!

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