They Don't Know About Us

When Zayn Malik Finds Cassidy in an ally way and rescues and falls for her he learns that she has a past of self-harm and needs to keep their relationship in the dark or she will get hated on (like his past girlfriends have) and worries that she will return to her old habits if the fans find out . Will it work?


15. A/N: a few questions

ok so ive seen other authors do this. ill ask a few questions at the end of each chapter and ill answer and you comment your answers. ill start that the next chapter. and can anyone send in some better book covers I don't really like mine that I have. kik me or follow me on twitter ill usually follow back :) one more thing I have over 300 reads!! that may not seem like a lot to some of you but for my first movella I think that's pretty good

love you all ~Sydney

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