The Rest Is Still Unwritten

When two best friends enter their best friend into a contest, their lives will never be the same.
Shivani Singh is a regular 14 year old girl with one special talent. Writing. Things change when Shivani's two best friends enter her into a writing competition. But, it's not just any ordinary writing contest. It's a One Direction fan fiction writing contest. And she wins.


6. Visit

"Alyssa, you need to come over now!" I yelled through the phone. 
"No! Because of me Alex hates both of us! I'm not coming over! I'm gonna screw something else up if I do!" She cried. Why is she crying? 
"Whatever! Ill be waiting for you to show up at my door." Then I hung up, not wanting to hear more of Alyssa. 
"We'll that was fast!" I say opening the door. I was embraced by a hug. Who the hell. I look to the side to see the familiar brown hair of my best friend. 
"I'm sorry! I was being a bitch! Please forgive me!" Alex cried int my shoulder. I nodded and hugged her tighter. I started to cry too. "We're such losers!" She weeped. "I know! We need a life!" I replied. 
We pulled away and laughed at each other. We apologized and sat in my room. 
"You need to start packing." Alex pointed out, pulling my big orange and yellow polka dot suitcase from under my bed. 
She opened up my closet and started pulling out dresses. "Try these on!" Alex ordered. I did. 
We chose five dresses. "Which is your favourite?" She asked me looking at the 5 dresses in my bed. "This one," I picked up my dress. 
It was a sleeveless orange dress. It came with an orange clip for my hair! It was sparkly at the top but not to sparkly. It had a belt that went with it and the bottom have was a bit flowy and went down to my mid thigh. 
"Same." Alex agreed. 
After and hour of packing we had finished packing dresses, socks, shorts and fancy outfits. 
I opened the door and screaming and thumping filled the house. 4 boys came tumbling in and slammed the door behinds them. 
"Hi." I say waiting to see what they were doing in my house. They all turn around and I then realize that it's One Directions band, Josh Devine, Jon Shone, Sandy Beales and Dan Richards. 
"Hello. Sorry about that." Josh says. 
"It's no problem." Alex says walking down the stairs. 
"I'm Josh this is-" 
"I know who you are" I cut him off. 
"But I don't." Alex says. 
"See. This is why I'm not taking you." I tell her. 
"So, are you... Uhhh... Shivani Singh?" Sandy asks. "Yup!" I nod. 
"Cool. So, uh, are you ready to go?" Sandy continues. 
I give him a questioning look. "To go to Australia. Youre coming with us." He explains. I nod understandingly. 
"Do we have a dead line?" I ask. 
They look at each other. "Tuesday." They say in unison. I nod.
Two days. 
I open the door and Alyssa comes trudging in with one shoe on and a massive suitcase.
"Why the hell are there so many fuckin' girls out there! One of em' took my fuckin' TO-" Alyssa yells as she slams the door shut. She looks at us and Josh chuckles. She turns around at gasps. She get down and bows down to them and repeats "All hail four if the most hottest guys on earth!" We all laugh at her. 
"What are you guys doing!" Sabrina screams as she stomps out her room. She looks at us, then the boys, then us again. 
She smiles then looks back at us. "Im packing for the trip. When are we leaving?" She asks. 
"Tuesday." I reply. She nods then walks back into her room. 
"Cmon!" I say grabbing Sandy and Jons hand and pulling them upstairs. The others follow. 
I open te closet in our hallway and throw blankets, pillows and sleeping bags at the boys. They give me confused looks.
"Fine. You can go out there and get torn to shreds. Im sure one of em' would have an extra sleeping bag for you." I say snatching my stuff. They grab it back. 
"Choose a room. I dont think my sister would mind if you slept in her room, guest room, basement, TV room, my room..." I say listing off rooms they could use. 
"Well, since were spending a month with you, plus a long travel day and all that shit... We could sleep in your room?" Dan says looking at me. 
I nod. "We'll go grab our sleeping bag and stuff." Alex says walking to the door with Alyssa. "Uh... No.... We could hardly fit five of US in my room. We can't fit 7 when 4 of them are grown guys!" I say.
"Finnnne.... Well see you tomorrow." They say going out the back door and hoping the fence. 

Once everything's set up I start talking to them.
"20 questions?" I suggest. Thy all nod in agreement. 
"Full name?" Josh asks me. 
"Shivani Aaron Singh."
"How many siblings and what are there names and age?"
"Sabrina- 19, Sagar- 6, Sammy- 19" I answer. 
"Now you... Full names?"

I've learned a lot about the boys. Sandy and I have become pretty close. I was knocked out of my thoughts. 
"I'm sleeping in the bed!" Dan said laying down. 
"I am!" Josh said pushing him off. This continued until they were all on the floor. 
"Well... Saying your all comfy on the floor and it is my bed, ill just sleep on here!" I say getting under the blankets. They all gasp and jump on me. 
"I cannot believe your sister just did that." Dan says beside me. She said either we all sleep on the bed or all sleep on the floor so, now were all piled on the floor. 

Everyone's asleep now except for Sandy, Josh and I. They don't know I'm not though....

"Do you like her?" I asks Josh. 
"Yeah! She's awesome! I thought she was gonna be boring and only talks about One Direction. But nope!" Josh replies. I can see Shivani staring at us and see a smile spread across her face. 
This time, Josh asks the question. "Did you ask who her 18 and older person was for the trip?" 
I shrug, "I don't know. Probably her sister." 
"No reason..."
"Do you fancy her?!?!"
I can see Josh blushing in the low light. "No." 
"Yes you do! Dude! Your insane!" I whisper/screams. 
"Maybe a little..."
"Aha!" A chuckle escapes my mouth. "That's priceless!"
Then Josh continues, "Before I was dreading this but now Im excited! Ill get to see her in a bikini!" He squeals. 
"She is hot." I confesses, turning a light red. I can see Shivanis dimly face boil with anger. 
"No! She beautiful." He says dreamily. 

"Dude!" Someone yells. I see Shivani sit up. 
"You're awake?!?!" I gasp. 
"Do I look asleep!" She snap at me. 
"Wow! I can tell you didn't get sleep. It does make people cranky." I say jokingly. 
"I am this close to slapping you but that's mean, so id pinch you." She say holding up my fingers. 
"There's no space..." Sandy points out. 
"Exactly." Shiv say pinching my arm. I yelp in pain and look at the bruise forming on my arm. 
"Why do you care?" I asks rubbing my sore arm. 
"Shes my sister! When you leave her to go on tour how do you think she'll feel?"
"Fine. I won't date your sister." I say disappointingly. Sandy nudges me with his elbow. I reluctantly hold out my pinky. Shiv interlocks our pinkies. Sandy nudges me again. 
"Pinky swear." I says. She nod approvingly. 

Sandy, Shivani and I were up till 4 helping her pack so we could leave today and sleep on the plane. 

Alex and Alyssa barge into the house as we're eating breakfast. At that moment, Sabrina comes walking down the steps pulling a suitcase behind her. She sits down beside me and starts shoving her face. I stare at her. Damn was she pretty.
I'm interrupted by two kicks on both shins. I scream in pain and stare at Sandy and Shiv who are staring at me angrily. 
"What happened there?" Sabrina asks poking the large bruise on my arm. I wince and Shivani and Sandy laugh and high five. 
"Your sister pinched me!" I say. 
"Shivani!" She screams. I give her a 'shouldn't have done that' look. 
"He thinks your pretty and said he wanted to date you so I pinched him!" 
"Thanks Josh but no." She says clearing her plate. 
After a billion questions, goodbyes, tears and boring shit... Security came and took us to our private jet an just like that... We were on our way to Australia with the winners. 


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