The Rest Is Still Unwritten

When two best friends enter their best friend into a contest, their lives will never be the same.
Shivani Singh is a regular 14 year old girl with one special talent. Writing. Things change when Shivani's two best friends enter her into a writing competition. But, it's not just any ordinary writing contest. It's a One Direction fan fiction writing contest. And she wins.


2. The End

*"Louis?" I ask worried that he won't recognize me. "Ally?" He says. A thousand pounds lifts off my chest. "I can't believe its you!" Lou says embracing me in a hug. "I missed you." I say barely audible. "I missed you too." He replies petting my head. Awwwww! "So," he says taking my hand as we walk towards our bench in the park. "Wanna hang out sometime?" He asks sweetly. "I'd love that." I say sitting on the bench.  This moment couldn't get any better. Cuddling with Louis was so... Natural. His arm wrapped around my waist as I placed my head on his chest. My life's messed up and I don't know a lot but I know one thing... I love this idiot and he loves me I wanna spend the rest of my life with him. I love you Louis Tomlinson. I love you to infinity and beyond.*  The End Done. Wow. I cant believe I finished it! 4 months. It took me 7 months to finish writing my 52 chapter fanfic, 'To Infinity and Beyond' I was pulled out of my fantasizing about my outcome by a hard kick on the head. "Honestly Alex!" I whispered/ yelled to my best friend laying beside me.  Yup. It's a Friday. Sleepover night!  Every Friday night, Alex Evans and Alyssa Waters, my two best friends, have a sleepover. Always the same house, room, sleeping arrangment... Everything. Lately, when Alex and Alyssa fall asleep, Ill write a chapter to 'To Infinity and Beyond' Another kick to the head. Jesus Christ. "Stoooooooopppp!" I whined. No answer. "Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Ale-" I was interrupted by a loud shutup coming from Alyssa. Geez. "Go to bed!" Alyssa complained hit my arm. "Im writing a new chapter and Alex wont stop hitting me!" I explained. "Go somewhere else and do it." Alex said not giving me a choice. I didnt move.  "Fine. Ill go." Alyssa finally said breaking the tension. We watched as Alyssa crawled out her sleeping bag and up the ladder to Alexs bed. And just like that, Alex and I were talking.  "So... You finished?!?" She asked.  I nodded.  She squealed, "I wanna read!"  "Fine." I said handing her my laptop.  *FINISHED READING* "Wow," Alex said in awe.  ALEX'S POV "You have a gift my friend." I said re-reading certain spots.  "You certainly do." I turned to see Alyssa reading over my shoulder. We both turned towards Shivani to see her smiling from ear to ear.  *AFTER SHIVANI FALLS ASLEEP* "Should we?" I ask Alyssa. "I don't know." She replies  "Will she get mad?" "Maybe." "Oh well. Too late." I say clicking send.    A/N: Hello friends. Sorry if this is kinda confuzzling. If you don't understand.... the first part is the end of the fan fiction Shivani was writing before! Thanks for reading... if you got this far...
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