The Rest Is Still Unwritten

When two best friends enter their best friend into a contest, their lives will never be the same.
Shivani Singh is a regular 14 year old girl with one special talent. Writing. Things change when Shivani's two best friends enter her into a writing competition. But, it's not just any ordinary writing contest. It's a One Direction fan fiction writing contest. And she wins.


4. Results

I cant wait! Shivanis telling us who shes taking to Austraila! I know its gonna be me. I know whats gonna happen. 

Shiv will says its me, Alyssa will look sad but try to put on an 'I dont care' face that you can see right through. Ill then say I cant go because of MIT and the horse competition. Then everyone will be happy!

I looked down to see the name 'Shivi Singh' flash onto the screen. This is it!

"Hello?" I said into my phone. 
"Hey! Its Shiv!" The familiar voice of my best friends said. 
"Hey! Whats up?!" I asked casually. 
"Well, I was gonna tell you guys who Im taking. I tried to call your home phone but-"
"Harrisons on it." 
"Then I tried calling Alyssa but-"
"Shes grounded. Her phone got taken away."
"So now Im calling you!" She finished. 
"Awesome! We'll be right over!" 
"Cya then!" Then the line went dead. 

There it is! My phone! 

I crept into the laundry room and climbed on top the drier. Wait. I jumped down, careful not to make to much noise and made a pile if dirty clothes under the drier. Done. 
I climbed back up and grabbed the phone from on top of the cabinet. I jumped down and rolled off the pile of clothes. 

I ran to my room and checked my missed calls. 1 from Shivani. I already know. 
Fuck. I climbed onto the drier and read the text that flashed on the screen. 'Tree fort in 5.'
I jumped down onto the clothes, grabbed my already folded clothes in the bin, places them beside me and started picking up the clothes on the floor. 
"Hey hun." My mom said as she walked in with a basket full of laundry. "Hi!" I replied. 
"Umm.. What happened?" She asked looking at the clothes on the floor. 
Improv. "When Jack and I were fighting I ran into the basket and they fell." I lied . 
"Thanks!" She said walking out. 
"Oh! And mom! Can I go to the park with Alex and Shivani?!" I called.
"No! Your grounded!"
"You already took away my phone for 2 week!"
"Oh ya! Sure!" Yes!
"Hey guys!" I yelled running towards the tree. Yup! We have a tree fort in the park. When ever we need a place to go to think, relax, chill, talk, anything, we go there. 
"Hey! Hoist up the basket will ya!" Alex called. I attached the basket to the rope and pulled it up.

I examined the fort. I never realized how nice it was! 

There was a balcony rapped around 3 quarters of it, a window, a set of small stairs going onto a ledge with a small sofa and two chairs and if you climb up up a ladder attached to a taller branch, theres a platform to sit on.

I plop down on my regular chair. Alyssa is sitting on the chair across from me and Alex is sprawled out on the couch, going on about how excited she is for MIT. That'll make it easy. 


"Hey guys!" Shivani says interrupting my story. "He-" I protest but Shivani raises her hand and starts talking. 

"Tanks to you guys, I'm going to stay with One Direction in Australia for a month but, I can only take one of you. She says emphasizing 'One Direction' and 'Australia'.

Alyssa raises her hand and Shiv and I roll our eyes. "Alyssa?" I say for her to speak. "Well, you need to take someone older than 18 with you, so who's the third person?" She questions.

"Well, Im bringing Sabrina, one of you and ME!"

"Aha! I was right!" I scream in Alyssas face. 

"It was possible!" She snaps as Shivani looks at us confused. We bet to see who the third person would be. I said your mom and she said your sister." Alyssa explains. 

"Why the hell would I bring my mom if I have an 19 year old sister that could take us?" She replies like it was obvious who she would choose, which it was.

"Anyways, the person Im taking is..." She stops, jumps off her chair, grabs and turns on the camera then looks us both in eyes. I look over to see Alyssa grinning from ear to ear. I doing the same and we're both shaking a bit, but her shaking looks almost, fake? 

"The person Im taking is..." I take in a deep breath. "A-L-" She says spelling out the letters. God why are our names similar! "Hurry up!" I yell getting impatient. 


"Alyssa Waters!"  She screams.




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