The Rest Is Still Unwritten

When two best friends enter their best friend into a contest, their lives will never be the same.
Shivani Singh is a regular 14 year old girl with one special talent. Writing. Things change when Shivani's two best friends enter her into a writing competition. But, it's not just any ordinary writing contest. It's a One Direction fan fiction writing contest. And she wins.


5. Friends?


"What!?!" I yell as Alyssa screams with joy. I feel tears forming in my blue eyes but I dont let them fall. I look at Alyssa's who's crying tears of joy. Tears of joy? Why is she crying tears of joy and Im holding back tears of... Tears of sadness. I feel water hit my hand. I wipe my tears away fast.

I cant let them see me cry. I'm supposed to be the strong one! I wipe my eyes again and stand up. "I have to go tell my parents!" Alyssa squeals as she climbs down the ladder. I about leave wen Shivani stands in front of the door. I try to move around her but she wont let me. 

"I'm sorry." She says.

"Why'd you choose her?" I ask.

"Why? Because she loves One Direction, she's always wanted to go to Australia. And you, well, you hate them, yes, you would like to go to Australia but we be spending more time with them, then site seeing," She sighs, "Plus, what about MIT and your TWO competitions? If I did choose you, you would say no anyways." She states. Damn. How'd she find out?

"How do you know?" I ask wanting to know her answer. 

"Im your best friend! I know you! You missed my 13th Birthday to go to a practice. You missed your brothers 18th birthday to go to a competition!" She smiles, as do I. "And, I read your diary..." She trails off. "I don't have a diary. Liar!" I yell. 


"Really?" I ask walking over to the corner of the rug were standing on and pull out a key. Then I walked over to the window and walked along the thick branch. I grabbed the small brown book and climbed back. I handed both objects to her and smiled. "So, you don't have a diary?" I asked proving my point. She rolled her eyes and smiled. "How'd you find out?" Alex asked me. 

"Remember that night when we were supposed to get together to decorate the time capsule" I ask trying to bring back the memory. She nodded. "And remember how 10 minutes before I was leaving, you called and said I couldn't come over because your plans changed?" I ask again. She nods. 

"Right after you called, Harrison came over. He asked me if you had a secret boyfriend." We both smiled. "That was when George and Mike kept coming over to our houses!" Alex said as we laughed at our old memories. "Anyways, I said no and he asked if I needed a ride to your place. I said no because you said your plans had changed. He said you were sitting at home in your room doing, whatever. So, he gave me a ride over to your place and I climbed up the tree and watched you through your window. You were writing in your diary." I watched Alex's reactions. With every word, she blushed an even deeper shade of red. I laughed sofly and then continued. "I called my parents and told them I was staying the night at your place. Harrison was also interested in what you were doing so, he brought me out a sleeping bag and slept in the tree. I video taped you the whole night and in the morning when you left for here, Harry texted me and said you were coming here so I ran here, set up the camera and hid in the tree across from us." I explained everything and she understood. She was smiling then her smile faded.

"What?" I asked. 

"Do you like me?" She asked.

"Yeah," I said confused. 

"Then why'd you choose her?" 

"I already explained."

"Is everything we do fake?"

"What? Alex, your my best friend!"

"You guys are obviously better friends! IM the one who came up with the idea to sign you up! She said 'no! she'll hate us!' IM the one who gave you the idea to write the fucking story! You're a stuck up snob that gets anything she wants! If I want something, I need to work for it! I dont give a shit who you picked because Im obviously not your friend!" And with that, she stormed out the tree.

I was stunned. Is that what she thought of me?



"Alex! Wait!" I heard Shiv yelling after me. Im didnt stop. I kept running home. I could feel the salty liquid falling from my eyes, hitting my chest with every step.

I slammed the door once I reached home. I started running down the hall to get to the backyard but I was stopped by Harrison blocking my exit. 

"Harry! Move!" I said trying to push past him.

"I'm not moving until you tell me what happened." He stated.

"Nothing happened. Im fine. Please move." I wiped  my tears away putting on my brave face. 

"Really?" He said raising an eyebrow.

Thats it. I wrapped my arms around his waist and wailed into his shirt. "Nothings okay! They hate me! Everyone hates me! It was all fake! Everything is!" I cry.

He picked me up and carried me to the couch. He placed me down gently and sat beside me. He held me close and calmed me down. 

"Explain please." He said staring into my soul until I told him everything. From how we entered Shiv into the contest to how she ran after me when left. 

"I dont understand why your mad? You were gonna say no anyways and she knew that and thats why she chose Alyssa first instead of choosing you. Then Alyssa would be mad that she chose you then you would be all like 'I cant go. Alyssa your going.'" He explained to me. I sighed. 

"Understand?" Harry said to make sure I understood. I nodded. 

"Thanks Harry!" I said kissing him on the cheek and running out the door to Shivani's. 


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