The Rest Is Still Unwritten

When two best friends enter their best friend into a contest, their lives will never be the same.
Shivani Singh is a regular 14 year old girl with one special talent. Writing. Things change when Shivani's two best friends enter her into a writing competition. But, it's not just any ordinary writing contest. It's a One Direction fan fiction writing contest. And she wins.


7. A Big Jet Plane


"A private jet. I'm going on a private jet to Australia!" I squealed holding onto Shivani's arm. She just nodded and rolled her eyes.

"You guys comin' or what?" Sandy asked us. Shiv and I looked at Sabrina who grinned like a madwoman and followed Sandy in the plane.

It was massive. Big comfy chairs, lots of leg space, a cooler, flat screen TV... It was wicked.

"Like it?" A young woman asked a I walked around the plane inspecting it for random stuff. I nodded.  

"I'm Samantha. Call me that and Ill chop your tongue off. I'm Sam and Sam only." She said extending her hand. I took it. "Alyssa. But if you call me that I don't care 'cause its my name." I say.  

"Scaring her already Samuel?" Dan said coming up behind me. I just laughed and shook my head.  

"So, did you write the fanfic?" Sam asked me.  

"No. My friend did. Why?"  

"My best friend spent the longest time writing a fanfic because she wanted to win. She was so upset when she lost it was funny! She got second though so she gets to go to a concert of her choice." She explained.  

"Shivani was writing it for our friend and I for our birthday. She didnt know we entered her story. If she didnt get top 3 we weren't gonna' tell her..." I trailed off thinking about what would happen we hadn't told her. Oh whale.

"Please take your seat. We will be taking off shortly." The captain said. I walked towards my seat between Shivani and Sabrina. They were laughing at something and when they saw me they stopped and went back to reading their magazines. I frowned. They looked at each other and laughed and fist bumped. Ok then....



Josh, Sandy, Jon and Sabrina were asleep. As for Alyssa, Dan and I, we were talking about random shit.


I was still wide awake and Sabrina, Alyssa and Sandy are too. Dan fell asleep 2 hours in and Josh and Jon haven't woken up yet. Alyssa was chatting with Sabrina about who they think 'A' is in Pretty Little Liars and Sandy and I were complaining about how loud they were.


2 hours. I've gotten 2 hours of sleep. Only Dan and I are awake.  

"I need to talk to someone!" I whined.  

"Talk to me!" Dan said happily. Why is he so happy?! 

"Alex! Ill Skype Alex!" I set up Skype and talked to Alex. We pulled some pranks. Dan and I drew on Alyssa, Josh and Jons face and Dan shaved of a strip of Sandy's hair. We hung up and I finally fell asleep.


We were all awake and no one had noticed what Dan, Alex and I did. Woohoo!

"What are we gonna do when we get there?" Sabrina asked.  

"Well, the boys are doing an interview so they'll probably be asleep when we get there. Which is good because they keep drawing on us and jumping on us when we're asleep. So we can do that to them. Tomorrow we have to settle in and then on Thursday we have a concert." Jon explained.  

We all nodded in understand meant.  

"Talking about that... I'm gonna kill you two when you least expect it and I'm pretty sure everyone else agrees." Sandy said pointing a finger at Dan and I. We burst out laughing until we were on the ground crying and our bellies hurt.


Finally. Now to the hotel. Everything is gorgeous and so are the people... I think this is gonna be the best summer of my life...

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