Chasing My Dream (1D)

After Alyssa learns what she wants to do with the rest of her life, she is being turned in the other direction by family. Will she break free and finally be her own person, chasing her dreams and meeting some people along the way? And maybe even find love?


1. Prolouge

     "No! There is no way I am letting you try out for this stupid tv show. It isn't going to get you anywhere!" He yells as I run into my room locking my self away.

     'I'm eighteen, I can do what I want' I think to myself. I grab my suitcase along with clothing and toiletries and throw them in the bag. I was done living here. So, during the night, with my phone illuminating the dark, I make my way outside to my car. Then, without any warning, I start my car and drive as fast as I can down the back roads of West Virginia and on my way to Charleston, SC to audition for the one and only....


X Factor.


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