Chasing My Dream (1D)

After Alyssa learns what she wants to do with the rest of her life, she is being turned in the other direction by family. Will she break free and finally be her own person, chasing her dreams and meeting some people along the way? And maybe even find love?


2. Driving To South Carolinia

     I knew I had wanted to sing since I was thirteen. Once I had seen what it was truly like to be on stage, I knew I wanted to do that. And trust me, I wasn't a great singer back then. I had very little confidence, I couldn't hold notes, and I was afraid of letting my true voice shine through. Until one day when I was home alone and I sang like never before and my aunt came through the door. "You have to try out for some kind of singing competition," I remember her telling me. I always told her, 'I am not getting stuck in a cubicle for the rest of my life. I will work somewhere in the music industry.' I smiled as I remembered all of the memories of her supporting me. Exit by exit, I think of her. Laura, she was the greatest aunt ever.

     Laura as the one who got me an internship at my local radio station in Charleston, West Virginia. They paid my very little, but I also worked at the H&H party store that paid very well. The only thing was the hours, which would've been ridiculous, if I liked being home. I had a pretty decent amount of money in my account, so that wasn't too much of a worry.

    Pushing all of those thoughts out of my head, I start singing 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis. That was the song I knew I had to preform. That was the song Laura overheard. I knew I had to sing that song for my audition. See, the thing was, singing made me forget about my dad, as him and I never got along. He didn't  approve of anything, and I always got yelled at for my actions. He dictated my life. And that was finally over. He was out of my life, and I never planned on seeing him again.

     Finally, after about five hours, I made it to a motel. I picked a Holiday Inn, hating all other motels. I knew I needed sleep, being four in the morning.

      I woke around ten. I had showered and gotten ready. I checked out the dates to sign up for auditioning, which I needed to get a form. So I filled it out and it said the auditions were March 19 at eight a.m. I had one day to practice. Good enough.

     I took the rest of the day looking around the Charleston area. I laughed because it was nothing like the Charleston back at home. Leaving town, I went back to my room to practice. Tomorrow is the day.



The beginning isn't going to have anything to do with One Direction. This is just showing how she works her way for her title. thanks for reading!

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