Heart Breaker

Harry Styles is known for getting the girl, then getting bored of her and breaking her heart. But will it change when he meets Sam? Read to find out...


11. The worst Morning EVER

Harry's POV 


I want to ask Kitty out on a redo first date. She came down the stairs as I was making breakfast. She coughed at all of the smoke in the air. Then she laughed and pushed me out of the way. She made some awesome pancakes. For everyone. Then I secretly signaled everyone to leave. So they all made up an excuse to leave and then they all left. "So..Kitty..you wanna try our first date over again. Then a sting went into my arm and I made a sss sound. "Yes. And time for pain pills Mr." She got out a pill bottle and took one of the pills out. She handed to me with some water. I took it and then continued eating the awesome pancakes. I ate slowly so I could be with Sam some more. Then deasaster walked through the door. My ex. Hanna. "Hazzy baby. I heard about what happened. Is my Hazzybear ok?" "Uhh Hanna, I dumped you!" "Haha your so funny." Sam slapped me and ran out of the room. "Who. Was. That. Whore?" Hanna asked. "The love of my life. Because of you she's pissed at me again. GET THE FUCKING HELL OUT OF MY LIFE YOU LITTLE DICK!!!!" I screamed at Hanna. She laughed even more. "You're too funny." She laughed. I walked over to her and slapped her in the face. "That wasn't a fucking joke you whore. You hurt Sam. Get out of my life. FOREVER!!" She started to cry and ran out. I took a deep breath then it hit me. Sam. I ran up to her room and she was lying on the floor. Next to her was a bottle of pills. It was empty. I screamed and picked her up. The hospital was two miles away but I ran all the way there. I opened the doors and started to cry. "Help her please. She took to many pills. Someone help." Two men came and put her on a rolly bed. I tried following them but a nurse stopped me. "Do you know what kind of pills?" She asked. I nodded and pulled out the label for her to see. She sighed with relief. "These can't kill you. She'll be ok." I sighed with relief. Then she led me to a waiting area by where kitty's room was. About 10 hours later she woke up. She didn't lose her memory Thank God. I ran I to the room and broke down crying. "I dumped her kitty. She thought I was kidding. She's stupid...I put you in a hospital...I..I'm so stupid. You should just date other guys..." She bursted out laughing. "No thank you. Your my everything now Haz. I'm not letting you go. If you say it was a mistake and she's stupid then ill believe you." I turned back around and looked at her. I ran over to her and kneeled beside the hospital bed. She leaned over and pulled me into a sweet kiss. Then the doctor interrupted. Simon walked in. Crap. "Uh doc. I need a minute with these two." The doctor nodded and exited. "Look dad, I live Harry. And I know he loves me. Please don't be

mad." Kitty said to Simon. He looked at her. She was gazing at me and I did back to her. He sighed. "Sam, if your happy, then I'm happy.." He started. Then he looked at me. "But I will fire you if you hurt my little girl." I nodded. "I won't....Ever...." I said to him. Then a nurse came in and saw me. She winked at me and then grip Sam had on my hand tightened. I got mad too so I kissed Sam to let the nurse know I was taken. The nurses shoulders lowered and then she started talking, "your free to go!" she said jerk like to Sam. That was it. I stood up and walked over to the nurse. I was pissed. "Don't talk to her like that. I love her. Don't talk to the women I love like that. Got it!" I yelled. She nodded scared and ran out of the room. Simon looked at me. " you don't have to put on a show for me Harry." I looked at him. "It wasn't a show. I don't like people who are mean to my Kitty." I snapped. "Sorry..." I said after that. He smiled and nodded. I looked back at Sam who was smiling at me. I smiled back and walked over. I picked her up marriage style and carries her out. Simon led the way to him car and we drove back to the house. It was about three in the morning when we got there. I helped Sam out of the car and she quietly walked in. She was attacked by the girls and they hugged her crying. "You scared us Sam." "Don't ever do that again." "We love you Sam." They all cried. "Hey I'm losing air guys." Sam said. They let go and I hugged her from behind. She gaged. I let go."sorry Kitty." I waded. She looked at me and then ran to the bathroom. She threw up from having so many pills in her. I ran to her and held her hair up while she threw up. She finally stopped then grabbed her tooth brush and brushed her teeth. Then she turned to me. "Sorry you had to see that." She said. "Sorry I made that happen." I replied. She hugged me tight. I pulled her back. "Yeah it's gone. I already threw up a bunch at the hospital." I laughed and gently hugged her just in case.

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